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Good concept. Thought it was great at first, but it has several glitches, that require you to craft items multiple times before you can use them ... then, you have to purchase the ingredients to recraft them. Also, furnishing the house takes too long, and the furniture looks terrible.The game keeps moving the ball, so you will spend money. Frustrating. Perfect!

You have to rely on crystals for crafting as you don't get enough resources and end up stuck. Although you can get free crystals and they aren't as expensive as they would be in other games, it drags down your enjoyment level of the game when you know you can't find enough resources to progress and will need to pay money on each level. Great game other than how much it costs to progress. Awesome

I have played this game for quite a while , love the game hate it takes so many resources to craft needed objects. I would like more resource drops or way less than eight of each item to craft. None the less it is a lot of fun. Fabulous!

The game is a cool game, However the crafting takes to long. It is kind of annoying and in a way it takes away of enjoying the game. You guys should change it to at least 15 to 30 mins. Great!

I dont like the magic cauldron. Too much of mixing. Getting tired of tapping and feel like removing the game. Worth it!

There is waaaaaayyyyyy too much dialogue in this game. There needs to be a way to skip it completely. It's irritating. Then it's bouncing you all over the screen because of all the back and forth dialogue. It is a cute game, with great graphics and game play. The dialogue needs to be cute to 1/4 of what it is right now. Perfect

I really enjoy this game. I had installed it months back and finally got back to it. I found a lot of things changed, which I am fine with. The one thing I didn't like is the "storage room" changing to a chest you get every two hours. I felt like the storage room allowed you to get more resources and filled up again faster. Right now it gets boring waiting for a chest and then when it finally is available, I am already onto the next app. I don't usually complain about things like this, but this is a really fun game and I hope my feedback gets heard. Of course, I'll still play it either way, so good for you on making an entertaining game. wow lol

If I didn't get to a point where I had to spend money, your rating would be much higher. The player should know that after you achieve several levels in order to continue, you will need to spend money Pretty good

The story on this game is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are pretty and the controls work well. There is two reason though why I gave this game only 4 stars. The first is the claim of puzzles in the game they are there but nothing to big that you can just solve the by process of elimination and they are far and few in between. The second issue is the adventures (side stories) as soon as you start doing one of them you will use up all your materials before even completing them and then your stuck playing the waiting game for more materials (2 hours per free chest and usually need more then one chest to get everything you need). Honestly I think I would have preferred just to watch ads to get the materials then a time thing. Perfect!

After update i cannot launch the game.. to bad to uninstall it. Please fix it before i fed up and uninstall it Enjoy it!

My daughter and I love to play this game but now mine won't load and my daughter's works fine. Can you please fix it Great!

My five year old niece found this game and downloaded it to play while she was visiting with me. But I find myself playing it to even when she's not with me. It's simple, easy to play and yet kind of addicted. Must have

It sucks cause u have to wait to create things and it doesnt give u so much of a certain object. Awesome

A good game but needs some bugs sorted as hasn't been loading the adverts and crashes the phone also does not give the bonus after Just wow

So...... I don't mind the game. Sort of enjoying it. But i have to say it's vexing when i cannot get enough of what i need unless i pay for it. And i get that's how your money is made but come on. Not everyone can afford frivolous spending. Some of is just want to play without going broke. If this continues then i will uninstall. Well done!!

Was fun at first, but as most of the ratings state: when you require at least 8 of every potion to advance the game, it loses its appeal quickly when you are only getting a few drops every couple hours. I have reached the point where even after I sit through four ads, I still don't even have enough items to create a fraction of what is required for progression. Probably going to uninstall within the week and I've only just started playing a week ago. Just wow

So far it's pretty easy. Plenty of clues, plenty to do and I haven't had to spend a dime! Go well

Sana every hour mas madami ung makuha na potion or kahit yung sa watch video nalang Amazing!

Not enough resource drops. There are no real puzzles to figure out you just walk around clean up trash and whack the ghost. It would be better if there was a little bit more to do then just tap on piles of garbage and it would be a whole lot better if you were able to get the resources for the crafting. It has the potential to be a very good game but it needs more than just tap on the pile mix potions and read a story. Omg

Great game! Fun and easy. You can save up the items needed to complete quests. I did not have to make a purchase. Please extend this game or make another like it! 5 star

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