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Great game, it does make u rate it 5 star to play but still it's a good game and who wouldn't want their app to get 5 star rating Cool

Shouldn't have to review in order to try a game but I'm curious if this is like the original game Brilliant

Giving a 5 star review just to open it and will change after I actually get to play the dang thing Superb!

This game is annoying and pisses me off to the point of wanting to throw my phone. But my determination to win wont let me quit. Thanks Bennett, thanks a lot. If i get hemorrhoids or ulcers, im blaming you. Highly Recommend.

Terrible game, no code supplied. This feels like a scam.. Just to get a 5 star rating. DO NOT DOWNLOAD Recommend

It took me more than 2 minutes after i downloaded and installed this game to realize how to run the game.... STARS (From my point of view i gave you 2 x max) Or let me rephrase that: ✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡ ( Worth a go!

Not even start and tis game actually force me to rate… honestly this review is not valid Amazing!

I can't rate it well if the game won't let me play til I review the game so I'm just doing this because the game says so Perfect

Fking game has an ad between every single page. Requires a code for getting started. In order to get the code you would have to give a 5 star rating in the store.. Highly Recommend.

Really, really, wanted to try this because it look fun & unique. Tried to play, but they require a code, to get the code you have to rate the app 5 stars. Didn't work even after 48 hrs. I wish they would just let you play & give it a honest rating. Pls reconsider this garry simulation game. If you do, I'll gladly give you five stars & recommend this to others. You'd get money for your hard work, & others would get to try it. Omg

I just gives it 5 stars to allow me to play. Off course it will be a spam so dd... btw dd means (don't download) Must have

Inhavent played the game yet so im not sure if it works. They told me i have to give a 5 star review to play... Recommend

I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE FRICKING GAME Don't download. Waste of time. Srlsy, don't Perfect!

It says I need to leave a review to do anything, so I can't really say anything good or bad . . . Perfect

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