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Omg y'all now installe u can get in free u do not have to go throw process of your information it's just 3 things enter username and how many coins go to you profile and wait 2 min Flawless

App is okay got about 10 followers then after that nothing. But somewhat useful if you want a couple followers, the down fall is you have to pay for followers, kinda a scam tbt 5 star

I can add more friends and so far this app is so easy and is the great between all. Superb!

Increase features... And offering people free followers for the first time...and add another paying systems Well done!!

so easy to use! The perfect app for those for looking to get easy likes and followers! wow lol

Really luv this app followers bhi jaldi bdh jaaye really NYC app Great job

The app is amazing you get plenty of apps that claim to do this but never produce so I am satisfied Go well

Its pretty good although you have to pay to get most things,but you can get coins to get the followers and likes Recommend

So good app so good i m happy with diz app its very easy to use pllz download it all over in world Not bad

Best app to gain more follower you can set to private account after getting follow Just wow

Please what will I do when I download it first Because when I right my name it is saying No such account in history Amazing!

This apps looks good.. I gained more than 80+ followers and I hope that this are real people.. I just hope everytime I log in I got 5 free followers Brilliant

Already got 5 followers just when I got the app, not much but you warn coins to get more!!!! Worth it!

Love this game! It really works, the only thing I would say... is make the purchases a bit lower, but it's really good Muito bom!

This app is amazing! And please give us the cent on the app everyday 300! I love your app,keep up the good work! Marvelous

Omg the best This app helps sm it gives me lots of likes and its made me grow on instagram Works great

This app is not free and you have lots of coins at the beginning but later it becomes 10 or so. I'm just rating it 5 stars for It's said in the app. Tho it promotes ur account upto 20 followers at the beginning. Perfect!

Starting the app. Looks quite good. :) Easy interface thus it's easy to use and no hassle. :) EDIT: It do works! Amazing!

Osum app to get follower,but i hope after uninstalling it will not gonna unfollow Just wow

It works like 10 minutes after I download like 30 people started following me IT WORKS @meh_nam_is_drk Muito bom!

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