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Best by far, Tried and bought many file manager apps. This one is the best. Easy to use, Cute and simple yet attractive interface. Will buy if Dev ever release new feature improvement or completely no ads. Muito bom!

Best file explorer app I have ever seen. I have tons of app try. I neve seen app like this before. It is simple, light weight, fully functional and specially it is add free. I have shar this app with my friends also. I will give more than five wow lol

Lovely app. Only 4 stars because ot lacks history / shortcuts (it can get tedious to go back and forth between folders) but otherwise ok Flawless

I tried five other apps before I found one that did not require users manual to be able to shuffle things back and forth between device memory and SD card. Very intuitive! Fantastic

Despite the warning that the app may not be optimized for my latest Android system in tablet A, it seemed to work very well although the icon was not displayed as a app until I opened and closed the tablet several times. Great!

ES File explorer always crashed on me even when I wasn't running it on my phone. This File Manager hasn't had that problem. Seems much more stable and more of a clean interface. Superb!

A really clean and straight forward interface to the underlying storage, especially for SD card management. I can easily move and arrange files on my SD card to suite me and not have to rely on each app, pdf jpeg etc, to store them somewhere I can't find them. Amazing!

I used ES File Explorer before but later versions bloated with ads and unrelated software features. I finally dumped it. This one is clean and keeps to the essentials but complete as of today's technologies handling files local and remotely. Great job

Light, fast and efficient. I ditched ES explorer for your app and have never regretted. Although I would like to see a 'folder hide' function in future updates. Keep up the good work team! Fantastic

Used es for years but it became bloated with advertising, this explorer is great for now. Keep up the good work love it

I am on a chromebook and my defult files app would not let me delete my images. This allowed me to!! It helped me so much. Works great

I do not often write reviews, but this makes clear sense of all my data; both local and mounted storage. It also make simple the task of identifying which files or programs are hogging resources. This makes for very efficient improvements to available storage space. Cool

I had been using another Android file manager but it kept getting more bloated and intrusive. This one is simple yet does everything I need. Very well designed. Doesn't nag or try to upsell. Excellent app! Brilliant

My phone has internal and external storage. I have downloaded stuffs in external SD but the home screen download folder of this app always shows the internal storage empty folder. Bug! I wish it would have an inbuilt root explorer too. Good

It is a great file manager. But what sets it apart from, and makes it better than its competitors is if you want to save a file to sd card or any other folder this app shows up as an option of share- Great job

Gives me access to more than the inbuilt file manager, on an old cyagen os. Can copy, move and rename apk's so can back them up on pc as more and more updated apps now crash this old mobile and os Works great

Excellent file manager app. Works great for local, remote, and cloud. Have been using the app with NAS, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and local storage moving and copying files within and between all without any problems. Highly recommended. Go well

Ads are irritating and in many cases when you try to remove add entire file is closed. love it

My favourite Android file manager - fast, usable, powerful. Does all the things I need, without excessive bloat. Great!

It seems to work, but i would expect from such a high rated app to be able to set a dark theme. I see no point to have an entire OLED screen bright white all the time. Muito bom!

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