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Maybe the best file explorer for android. I hope they dony make it unusable because of ADS. Great!

I tried so many 'File Manager' Apps available on Play Store, but was disappointed. This one is simply the best. Easy to use. Works great

You wouldn't find this if you were looking for a ftp client that can copy and move files without timing out. After trying every single one on the market out of frustration I checked this one which amazingly was already installed as my file manager. Turns out it is also an ftp client that actually works. Wow!!! Highly Recommend.

Easy/efficient GUI, excellent companion to the more versatile Total Commander file manager, especially in managing/editing playlists so you can play both audio and video in the background while using other apps. A good #MOMOCzone candidate. @LeeteqXV. Pretty good

It's exactly what a File Manager should be: simple design, all the necessary features to manage and transfer files, just asks for storage permission, no in-app purchases nor excessive monetization. Perfect. Great job

Thank you for create this nice app. I think your app is the best file manager in the play store.  I suggest you to develop/advance "storage analysis" icon and "recycle bin" settings.  "Storage analycis" icon don't show accurate quantity as  contains according to file. And "recycle bin" show error notification although files are restore or delete in the file manager. Finally, I suggest to develop/advance this file manager for supportable and readable all kinds files.                                                  Thanks a lot... Amazing!

This is by far the best file manager I have used on an Android phone. It's simple to use and yet allows access to anything on your network including NAS boxes and any computer using ftp. Remember you will need something like Filezilla on your computer to make access seamless if transferring from a computer or indeed any ftp address. Automatic access to phone internal memory and SD cards without any faffing about also excellent. Pretty good

Please add the following in the cloud storage: Amazon, Box, Mega and Google Drive. And have the options to enable the system hidden files, root explorer. Sometimes the internal viewers not working properly and its crashing even though its well known file type. Superb!

Pretty good. One of the best file managers I've ever tried. However it seems to conflict with Bluetooth trying to close Bluetooth service on my LG V30. Really hope update will fix this issue so we can upgrade to 5* Fantastic

I initially used another file management app; but it suddenly kept asking me for permission so I switched to this app. And boi do I not regret it. This app lets me do everything I wanted, and now I can forcefully micromanage my storage space finally! I really recommend this. Great job

Thanks to this app. I could uninstall the app that came into the phone automatically... it could not be uninstalled earlier but by use of this app i could change some settings and easily uninstall the app... its the best of its kind for sure Great!

I like the app - easy to use and makes everything what is needed. Well done and thank you very much! 5 star

Really easy to use, to move files between the phone and SD card. Full featured but simple. Surprisingly

Make a video of how to transfer files wirelessly from mobile to PC. How does your app works? I liked the FTP feature but don't know how to transfer files from memory card when it is full to PC. So make a youtube video or here only give some tutorial how to use file manager. Flawless

Please allow an option to add a shortcut to the desktop for a particular file or folder....similar to google chrome like we can create a shortcut at mobile desktop for a particular website. Good job Must have

Stop nagging me with a pop up window insisting I make this app the one I automatically use. It gets extremely annoying. I will uninstall it and forget about trying it out and go back to the fx file manager, which is probably better than this one anyway. love it

Liked it. Pro: it allows image swiping within a folder (other file managers show just one image, no swipe to the next). Con: I could not create shortcuts to folders or files in the home screen. Please add this feature. Perfect!

EXCELLENT for moving files and folders out of internal storage and onto a chip! Especially handy when downloading insists on adding the files to internal...particularly for those who save hundred of songs that would otherwise consume many Gbs internally. Enjoy it!

New to 3rd party file managers... Always used my phone's built-in file manager. Anyway, aside from this app I tried two other file managers with cloud access and this one's the best so far. Free and ad-free too. If I may make two requests, please consider adding a pin code requirement and a dark theme. Thank you Good

I really like this app Can move photos etc into directories of my own choice on my SD card. Even better I can upload photos to my window server using SMB / CIFS. No need to pair Bluetooth etc just use my normal network. Fantastic. Works perfectly

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