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Always come back to this app..tried others but this one works best for me. I like the clear easy layout of files easy to understand and navigate. Useful for cleaning up and deleting junk etc Works great

A few weeks ago started to jump messages "system low on memory" finally I had no choice but to take care of the problem ... tried a few memory managers which have not been a help at all until I came across this wonderful little app ... saw immediately that my phone was swamped with BAK files and on the spot was able to delete them. Excellent work, nice User Interface, a relief to use ... where to send the check ? Go well

I've only used this for a little while now, as a replacement to a mighty file manager app that devolved into spamware, and it is doing an adequate job so far, without a barrage of intrusive spam ads, and without being resource hungry. Modest and straightforward, easy to use. Flawless

LG Alcatel Dawn. Just now installed (been looking long and hard)... Looks promising. Didn't like stock file manager from the gitgo; now too many bad reviews for update. Good

Very easy to use on phone and across networks. Let down slightly by inability to work well with SD card. Worth it!

Of the myriad of file managers out there, this one irritates me less than most. Simple, straightforward, does what I need. Built in FTP server is handy for transfers from PC. Good

Tried a few different file manager apps but this one is the best for me. Simple but flexible and fast access to my cloud storage like OneDrive or Dropbox. Not quite so easy accessing other devices on the network but not really needed for my requirements to be honest. Overall it does everything I want from a file manager app. Must have

No ads, clean interface and easy to manage the files and folders. However, your private files can be spotted easily. I highly recommend to download a vault app. Flawless

5- star , Thanks , Found faster and much better then ES explorer. Working perfect on my mobile Android 7.1.1 , general mobile 4g, 5.0 screen . I recommend for all my friends (Android users ). Superb!

By far this is the best file manager I have used in several years. This is an awesome experience to say the least. The older ones I have purchased are now defunct and seem obsolete and undeveloped next to this Great!

Best app low mb size Many function like Clear catch, cut copy paste phone to SD card and also same feature is vice versa with phone memory. Clear unwanted file from your phone. No Ad its very Good quality. Worth it!

It seems to be doing what it says. but there's always a catch. but I can't find it yet so five stars from me! Perfect!

You can't get a better file manager than this one. It does the job along with all the other extra tasks and is not bloated like ES or others. It's Perfect. Superb!

Quick and easy to use. Comprehensive file manager in a style that works in a similar manner to windows file managers. Happy to endorse it. I had used ES Explorer for some time but it seemed to make tasks more difficult as time went on and became clunky with a non intuitive front end. Happy i made the change. Fantastic

Absolutely amazing! I needed an FTP server that could access my SD card easily and I got that and more. My only real complaint is that I needed to enable SD access from the file explorer part first but other than that, things went swimmingly. Highly recommended. love it

This is the only one that works to store data from Android tablet and phone to Netgear Network readyshare USB drive easily. Thank you. So many others failed to connect. This app worth 5 stars. I will pay for it. Highly Recommend.

Aftet years of ES Explorer I went searching for s breath of fresh air and found it with this app...clean, efficient, and just the right balance of useful features. Well done! Fantastic

Keeps sending me notifications telling me I'm short of space even though I've blocked notifications. Tells me to move files to SD card to increase space when they are already on the SD card Muito bom!

PLEASE?!? I GIVE YOU 5!!! Stop asking me each time I use it, to rate AGAIN!?! REALLY Great file manager. Thought I had a good one already. But this is the BOMB!! Worth 5 stars. Without a 2nd thought. Best!! But please don't ask me 2 rate wen I hav already!! (3times now, please stop) Surprisingly

Has a clean simple interface I find easy to read and use. With support for smb and a basic ftp server it can access and be accessed by, if you enable it, the other devices on my home lan. I haven't had any issues with ads or unecessary nags so far. Now my preferred file manager. Cons for me is dumbed down names on home screen, e.g. smb access to other devices is called "Remote", ftp server hides under "Access from PC". Pretty good

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