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Add Free!The best File manager with a recycle bin on Play store,great view but it doesn't allow us to send multiple mp3 files via allows only one by one,please fix that.I want to stay here. Brilliant

I can get to all of my storage devices with this App, internal, SD card, cloud ( Dropbox ) & my NASes. Worth a go!

As opposed to many other file lists, this one shows the folder structure making it easier to organize and find files in large libraries 5 star

A file manager is something essential to any computer person and this app is the one I use on my phone; it does everything I need. I can even access the files on my NAS via my home network; this is very useful. Would not be without it. Muito bom!

Best file manager I've used, every function you would need. I use to transfer files from my Samsung 8 plus to a USB drive. Enjoy it!

Working with PC now but it doesn't have search box where you can just search for files. This is essential! Will rate it 5 star when it gets implemented. 5 star

Very easy to use. I used this to transfer 1gb of data to a USB from SD. It took less than 10 mins. ES File explorer took over an hour to do 900mb then failed. Fantastic

Does exactly what I want it to do. Nothing more. Copies over WiFi! Love it. It's totally replaced that bloated ES File Explorer Worth it!

Great file manager. File sharing options would get a 5 star rating. But honestly the ability to manage my cloud storage accounts makes up for it. Just ad "MEGA" to the cloud storage accounts access, and it'll be perfect for me. Fabulous!

Works.Will copy or move files across phone &SD card. My last manager broke this several updates ago. Marvelous

No adds, nice app, my phone wasn't able to recognize USB otg , with this app it is. Good work. Muito bom!

Lets me copy files from my device to OTG USB drive! Also access files on the device from a web browser on a PC. wow lol

Umfangreicher Datei Explorer. Kombiniert Cloud Dienste, FTP, Netzlaufwerke etc. in einer Anwendung. Echt komfortabel. love it

Excellent file manager. Easy to use and OTG compatible. Keep up the good work. Good

Does just what you need if you need access to a personal cloud. There are pleanty of file managers out there but not many work with network storage. Omg

This app is good..for handle.. my.. mobile... Perfect!

I'd probably replace all other file managers with this one, if it only would have a hide option of unwanted directories/files. Without it I use it only as an FTP server. Surprisingly

Left ES File Explorer for this. Not looking back. Just increase more cloud storages ftp/s, owncloud/nextcloud, webdav, office365 and exchange for work/school clouds. Also if you are not going to have a premium version you should have a donation button. Go well

I seldom rate apps but, this is well worth my time. This is by FAR the best file Manger. Trust me, I have tried all but a few. Download it - you won't be disappointed. Great job

This file manager works very well. I was able to access windows share, Ftp, sftp, dropbox and peer to peer. If it could access nfs share, I would have been so thrilled. One issue is that the app was nagging to provide review with only two options: Not reviewing or 5 stars. I understand the developer's eagerness to get better review score, but the manipulation scheme is not justifiable. That's why my review is deliberately 4 stars. Good

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