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Thanks for a great honest app! You've done a great job but I think you missed out on a small but extremely useful feature: When, say, you display videos (or audio or images) please offer an option to go directly to the folder that contains the selected file (video/song/photo or a whole folder). Save the user from navigating all the way to it (and trying to remember the full path shown in Properties!). Just add a 'Go To' option in the 'More..' through the Advanced Settings. Also, PLEASE have 'Properties' directly shown on the options bar, don't hide it in the 'More..' (if possible). Thanks and keep up the good work... Great!

Using From Last Month But Didn't Face Any Single Problem...... Awesome File Manager Pretty good

It should be called "File Manager BIG ➕ after a few minutes playing around with the app ... I begun to move files to & from clouds via SD card. Also backed up apps onto my SD card as well. Works flawlessly! Enjoy it!

This beats CM Explorer, hands down. After growing increasingly frustrated with it not being able to read my micro SD cards, I decided it was time to move on and give this a try. No regrets whatsoever at this point and I've only had it for a few minutes. Great app for what I need! Enjoy it!

Superb apps. After reading many review, decided to download and give it a try. After sometimes exploring, I like the 'user friendly' interface and options that brilliantly engineered by the developer. Not hesitate to show this apps to family & friends to consider. Thanks developer! Works perfectly

This is the best app I've used for working with network share drive. It's bug free, has an intuitive user interface, and actually allows you to move files and folders on a network share quickly and easily (which many similar apps don't do very well). Works great

Just simply good. Try it out for yourself. Let's just hope it remains this way and doesn't become ad infested like a certain non-uninstallable FC app pre-installed on Sony's otherwise great phones. Well done!!

I keep trying to search for a file and won't allow me to do searches that I need to do, like *.mp4 it can't find the files that I need to get rid of so the program doesn't do what it's supposed to. Good

Does what it says with no problems, no annoying ads. Haven't tried internal apps but as far as it concerns file management works perfectly! love it

Thanks, smart & very efficient file manager. Does all it says without any fuss. Helped me track some important family photos in real quick time. I can not believe it's free. Best App, well done :-) Must have

I was jumping through hoops trying to get my thumb drive recognised by my Samsung Tab S2 - after yet another Android update made things overall worse than it already was - when I stumbled upon this app. Now it detects instantly. No need for 'total commander' or any of those other fiddly, messy and temperamental apps that are supposed to make it easy but often don't. Good one. Awesome

I love to operate this App. It's very useful, simple and covering all aspects of data transfer in a safe, Swift and accurate manner therefore given 5 star rating to this wonderful App. Brilliant

Amazing. Replaced es file explorer cause lately they've been super bloated. Thanks for a no fluff manager that has all the features I need. Omg

Excellent file manager app that gets the basics right. Simple interface and easy to use, something many apps tend to miss out by overdoing it. Works great

But it says SD card not available when it is. ......All changed now,bit tricky move songs to SD card,got there in the end. Great job

The Lge file manager v.4.20.16 of my Lg L Fino (kitkat 4.4.2) write without problem on external sd card. Maybe you can do it too? Perfect!

the best file manager ever!!!! seriously, no ads, simple interface, smart organize tools, what can you possibly ask for more?! 10/10 Surprisingly

In spite of some of the minor issues that I read about in the reviews, I installed it anyway and I'm highly satisfied. This app is way better than the other apps that I have downloaded and tried regarding file management on Android. Just wow

This is what I was looking for . It is totally ad free which is one of the main reasons I downloaded it. Secondly it gives you access to all the features which you to pay for in other similar apps. Secondly it is very very clean and does exactly what it says. I am really very happy to find such an app and the best part is that it is totally free. Big thumbs up to the developers. This is how other apps in the playstore should be like. Recommend

Overall work fine. But cloud not working for onedrive. Gdrive and dropbox work fine. Please correct. Edited : After updates, it now works fine. Thank you. 5 stars for support. wow lol

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