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I have tried a number of file managers for Android, and this is by far my favorite. It's reliable and easy to use. For quite a while I used ES File Explorer, but it kept adding more and more intrusive "features" that got in the way and made it harder to use. I am delighted I found File Manager+. I've installed it on both my tablet and my phone. Surprisingly

I put it off until I get overwhelmed when it comes to keeping my files in order. This app makes it soooo easy. Love it! Recommend

Finally a good file manager that is neat , organized and simple just works very well. Thank you Dev, went through 5 file managers all of them got deleted, this one stays. 5 stars. Fabulous!

It's fine but when I connect my phone to PC it doesn't detect backup apps whereas my pc detects those when I install other file manager... Pls fix the issue Pretty good

In my mobile company preinstall file manager is very bad when copying or moving big files will stop. It will not finish it till end and also slow.In this app that problem solved.And best feature love it. 5 star

So easy to use. Manage and find missing files with a click of a button. Able to transfer files to an internal or external card. See where all your space has gone. Perfect!

Works pretty well. I came accross a strange problem. It was not possible to copy single files or directories containing files with extension .flac from my NAS to phone storage. Marvelous

Really easy to use. Must be one of the best Android phone filemanagers. Dead simple to explore/transfer cloud files. Also, I find the layout quite pleasing. Neither too big, nor too small details. I've already managed to connect my phone and pc via ftp... Wow! It seems I can't edit any files on the phone from my pc, though. Maybe something I will pick up later...? A relaxing experience... Just wow

atlast its the best file manager.. what i was exactly searching for easily to find bug files and delete them so that can create space and many more things. Enjoy it!

I'm so glad I downloaded this to replace the cheap bloatware 'file explorer' that came with my device - reads most of the files on my system. Easy to transfer files - I also like that there is a back-up in a recycle bin in case anything gets accidentally deleted. Will be using this more widely on my devices - thank you :D Well done!!

The easiest most comprehensive app I found after trying at least a dozen others. This one is perfect for me. I Never get frustrated with it. Omg

Easy to use ''...Thanks'. It is very easy to used and manage the files and folders especially on SD card and it support the otg pendrive great stuff . yes. It is very useful and ''replaced a far inferior sellout of a file manager and analyse function is super useful too". It is the best file manager till yet. Keep it up, but in grid view provide 4 columns instead 5. But 4 columns is also good to use and it ad free, simple ui, hassle-free .. Just a relly great app kudos to the team behind it great features "simple, fast,great features and Ad-free almost impossible in nowadays.That's why I gave this app 5 Star Good

Internal storage not available on lenovo yoga tablet. What could be wrong? simple user friendly interface and useful tools. love it

It is unbelievable value that this adfree app gives all features in a very light footprint for free. Go for it. Suggestion: Please provide help file for novices for all features especially for accessing PC from mobile. Thanks for the great work and request keep this nag/ bloatfree as it is and also provide link where one can donates small amount it one wishes. wow lol

Excellent unpretentious app. Well done devs. Some suggestions for more ease of use: 1) Offer display of favs on the home screen as well as permanently on the top bar, next to the 'search' icon. 2) Offer option GOTO in 'More..' to take you directly to the folder that contains the selected file/folder. 3) Add more Cloud Services: Box, pCloud and others. 4) Have 'Properties' option on main options bar, not in 'More..'. THANK YOU! Pretty good

Simple and excellent! I was using ES File manager for a long time but was fed up with all the ads. This File Manager is simple, clean, ad-free, and does everything I need. Perfect!! Amazing!

Nice clean interface can be a little tricky to set a preferred app to open files, also a batch rename function would make this brilliant. well done Have had a strange scanning notification for 3hrs. nothing in settings to end this. Perfect!

I needed a new file managing app since ES File Explorer started getting bloated with background processes I don't want running, and this app works beautifully. It has all of the features I need while also being lightweight. Works perfectly

At last, a file manager that works, easy interface and does what file mamagers should, without fuss and without problem. Installed and very soon removed so many other supposed file managers before this, all fell woefully short. This is by far the best of literally dozens I've tried. Great job developers Enjoy it!

Now this application is not clean, not ad-free as it was once but it's still really easy to use. Main advantage against many other similar software is that it have a reliable FTP server and moreover this ftp server nicely works over mobile hotspot. Cool

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