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Very excellent file manager with minimum size. Sometimes not working properly with more data on memory (35Gb and more). Needs little improvement. Overall it is good compared to other apps Worth a go!

Just one thing.. When I try to delete a video it says "can't delete this file ".. Please fix it wow lol

Love the simplicity of it and it's easy to tell what's on the sd card even when looking in the gallery app the phone comes with. The gallery app the s8 comes with needs updating. Even a simple black sd card icon on the pictures that are in your gallery to show so easily what's on the sd card and what's on the phone. Enjoy it!

Fast and easy to use. The most essentiall tools for file management is there. Missing some theme customizing to personal look. Good

Its an awesum app with very easy to use features. Have downloaded lots of file manager but this one is best. wow lol

Works as intended and is an essential tool. Much better than the stock storage manager. Recommended Must have

I tried many File Managers, even purchased somewhere but since I found this one in Google Play, it became my favourite one! Muito bom!

Almost what a great app should be, best of what I have seen and tried. Good for file transfers and clean UPS. Well done!!

رائع بجد... بقالي كتير بدور عليه Marvelous

Long time user. Great & Simple. I wish it has duel pane capability like MK File manager which is in my everyday use. Also my phone manager app showing File Manager+ is a power intensive app. Whenever I need FTP I fire up File Manager+. Most of the file managers on play Store are bloat ware or too poor for regular use. If someone doesn't enjoy benefits of duel pane then I highly recommend File Manager+. ..... Thanks. wow lol

It's simple to use and does what I need it to do. There's no bloat or annoying ads that make you install more software or buy anything. It's easy to set up network drives and FTP connections. Perfect

At last, a file manager that works, and with a straight forward common sense interface too. It does what file managers should, without fuss and without problem. I've installed and very soon removed so many other supposed file managers before, all fell woefully short. This is by far the best of literally dozens I've tried, and will keep this as default manager. Great job developers Not bad

My Moto G Play did not come with a 'File' app so I found this one and I absolutely Love It? My only issue or request is that the app shows as an option when adding attachments. This app never appears no matter what. I can be texting or emailing, nothing. Muito bom!

Love it! Easy and intuitive. Spent days trying to figure out what was taking up so much internal storage space on my Galaxy S7. I was completely lost. Used this app and in six taps I'd discovered the culprits and freed up 10 gigs. 5 star

It is almost perfect. The best file manager among I tested so far. Belive me I tested most of them. This one beats all in many ways. Download and stop searching a "better" file manager. You'll not find a better one than this. Works perfectly

At last, a file manager that shows me at a glance which files are stored on the phone and which on the SD card. Every other manager I've tried shows a directory of files on the phone, and another of files on SD card. But none has shown the location of each file under the conglomeration "images," for example.This file manager marks each SD card file with a tiny icon. Problem solved. It's also far easer to move or copy from phone to card and back; no confusing permission process. Works perfectly

Appears to do almost everything really well. My only negatives, hence the 4 stars, are that it doesn't remember individual folder view settings like sorting by descending date order. The view setting seems to apply to all folders which is annoying. The second issue is that there is no sharing intent for system wide shares. Solid Explorer and others have this where you can share and image or file from any other app to the file manager, then you can select another storage location (LAN, Google drive, SD card etc etc) to save (share) that file to which is really handy when you're in another app. Otherwise, it's super clean and super quick. The built in sftp server is by far the simplest method of all the file manager apps I have tried to date, and I'm currently a Solid Explorer user who just installed Oreo to realise that Solid doesn't support SD card writing in Android 8 yet. I'll change my score to 5 stars once the two mentioned features are implemented. Brilliant

I don't use it a lot but but it seems to work well. I got it to replace a different manager which had started to crash with some files - this one was OK. I think I prefer the interface to the one I had before. 4 stars because I've not tried to do more than simple stuff, so I can't be certain. Enjoy it!

Works great but smb connection seems broken. Connection to pc over WiFi shows an empty folder when the same smb share is available from all other machines I own including a 5.1 android tablet. Perfect!

Excellent file manager! Sees everything including cloud and local network drives. Easy to use. While ads are not intrusive I cannot find a pay option to remove them. Support says the ads are a test in 5 countries. I guess I am unlucky. ;) Found out the app also does hidden files, so yes, I do like this app! Now get rid of the ads! Just wow

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