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Works well without the bloat of other apps. However, it looks like you added in ads somewhat recently, which is a bummer. Omg

The new king. The greatest compliment i can pay this app and its developers is to say that this is what ES File Explorer used be before it became bloatware. Please learn from their mistakes and stick to what this app does best and that is a stonking good file manager. Pretty good

It's very good, i can arrange my files according to me in different folders very easily, Best thing is that adds are not interrupting even not with Data connection Worth it!

Makes it possible to access and copy files which are not otherwise transfered to a new phone. Can access system files using the left menu from clicking the main icon. I'm very thankful to have found this app. Surprisingly

Simple, lightweight, functional. Could stand to have some minor features added (bookmarking directories would be nice), but infinitely better than the competing bloatware. Brilliant

It is an excellent tool. It only needs to include a trash bucket and a clipboard viewer for complete user interaction. Fantastic

I used to use ES File until it was more bloatware than anything and it used to drain all my battery, then I found you and believe me, I'm very happy with this app, never change! Would be awesome if you add NTFS support in USB :3 Fabulous!

Great app, only annoyance is when moving files from OTG to internal memory, sometimes I end up with multiple copies of same folders/files. Deleting one deletes all. Otherwise it would be five stars Go well

This is a great app for managing my files. It's one of the first apps I download when I get a new phone. Works great

Best File Manage I've been using with upload capabilities. Hey Team, good job. But just add themes with dark or blue colors & Keep it small in size as it is. Worth a go!

Best file manager ever i have used. It's lite and fast. Easy to use. Very good. Thank you Flashlight+Clock. Please update something more like dark theme. Marvelous

Hey super app! But please fix the google drive upload problem. When I upload more than 20 files at a time, Some files are fales to upload. Otherwise it is ausom! Grate work. Keep it up! Thanks for free app. Thanks a lot! Perfect!

one of the most perfect file manager. all options that a mid user can have and yet no annoying ads or begging for rate it, for all that it deserved the best score i could give Surprisingly

I like the simple idea of folder size in the main screen it could aslo show in subdirectories with an option. Add themes but keep it light! Worth it!

Really good app it's the best I found do far . Great for managing you're files on the the phone even when connecting my camera to my phone Just wow

Does exactly what I needed - ability to move or delete files I don't want - of course you have to be careful! Not bad

Better than what I've tried. Lost my previous pc connections, anthing gotta do with the latest Win update? Fantastic

This File Manager is really amazing. No ads. Just pure file manager doing what it told us to do. Great thanks to the developer. Keep doing what is good. Great job

Very good file manager with out the bloatware of similar apps. Does the necessary work very well. Includes support for cloud storage, file sharing with PC etc. Fantastic

I exclusively use it to read Download JoJo so I wish they would add a built-in reader. But so far it's good and works Cool

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