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Can't find a flaw. It's perfect, and with this full version, you can make levels with up to 12,000 items in them. At first I thought it would severely impact my creativity, but after making long level I reached 8600 objects, this cap really shouldn't affect you. The level creator was way cooler than I thought it would be and the new levels (after those in the lite version) are super fun too. The only problem is that in the level creator you can't place down secret coins, but for two bucks it's honestly completely worth it. Perfect

Amazing The game itself, compared to the impossible game, GD has way more features which makes it unique and very fun to play. Its one of those games that you install and keep FOREVER. Best game i have played in nearly 5 years, well done geometry dash. Recommend

Awesome I love it! Im so addicted! Wish you could transfer data though i had to completely start over Well done!!

Love It I absolutely love this but I do ask if you could add the song space pirates by water flame. I really like that song. And maybe Endgame also by waterflame89 Works perfectly

Amazing Game This game is very addictive and fun.I am not even that good at the game because I have beaten can't let go and the levels under, however I still love it. I would recommend trying the lite version first though. I would also like to create more levels but I can't beat them in normal mode, only practice. It was definitely worth the money. Go well

Fantastic Smooth performance and no problems. A part from smashing my head of the wall when I was getting through one of the hard levels and crashed Flawless

Love the game but one bug I got a new phone (Galaxy s5) and before it was fine but now the music not in sync and resets when I pause fix and I'll happily give 5 star Highly Recommend.

Fun game! I tcan be quite hard but it is fun. Before buying the full game I would recommend getting the free version first to see if you like it. Surprisingly

I am not pleased I have played this game for a long time. I have enjoyed it and have beaten most levels. It has been mostly bug-free until recently. I got 83 on Clubstep! I close the app and poof! I am reset to 67 percent again. I get 79, same thing happens. I get 29 on Theory of Everything 2 and I get reset to 28. I try some user created levels, close the app, and to my assumption, it acts like I've never done the level. This really sets me off. I can only hope that my favorite game will be fixed soon Worth a go!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING Most people use stress relief games to relief stress, but I use stressful games to relief my stress. And this is one of them. : ~) Superb!

Game is amazing I consider myself a pro at this. And really addicting. Must use headphones for utter most experience. I have a concern with the new update. It seemed from the community levels I had saved before the update have been screwed. The music doesn't follow how the creator made it anymore. I hope that gets fixed soon Omg

Awesome game. After awhile of having it and beating most of the levels (took me forever because they are HARD), I bought the full version for $2 and I did not regret it! It came with a whole bunch of new levels and you can even make your own! Totally worth $2. Great!

Really addicted This game is a skillfull game. I advise you to get it with your friends so you can compare and make levels together side by side. This is a really fun game, but you need time to make this game actually fun. Muito bom!

Great game but needs one thing! Could you add game progress cloud save? I like to play my hands on more than one device! Thanks!

Cool, but laggy! This game has cool rhythm based gameplay and AWESOME music. I would recommend this game to anyone! However, on my galaxy ace, some parts of the levels (such as the hoverboard parts and the rings that let you jump in midair) lag a lot, making some parts a bit more frustrating than enjoyable :( . An update fixing this would be highly appreciated.

#classic-arcade Great! This is VERY similar to the impossible game but a lot better. Definitely worth the ( a bit ridiculous!!!) amount of money I spent on this game. Fix the typing and five stars!!!

#toss-games Way better than the impossible game.! I love this game so much because there's custom levels and you can customize your guy I would recommend getting this!! 5 stars.

Impossibly Fun and Addicting.! Super addicting, well designed game. I haven't stopped playing it since I bought it. Well worth the money. This is the kind of game where you won't be satisfied until you've completed all the stages, and even then you'll have the create-a-stage feature to keep you busy. I hope more people buy this game so the developers will get the recognition they deserve. Great job, guys.. Recommend to get Geometry Dash APK.

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