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Amazing Great game, my favorite part is the music but still working at the levels, I have learned that somtimes it doesnt matter how good you are at jumping but how quick you are at memorizing the pattern of each level Just wow

Wow super fun. Sh hard to find really good mobile games, this is one of then. Super fun and love the music. Its kinda of like guitars hero and flappy bird with a huge twist. Staying in sync with the music and environment presents a fun out of the box thinking challenge. I highly recommend this app worth even $5 to me. Keep up the good work. Fabulous!

Good but.. There's a glitch that where the music is slightly off sync with the game on EVERY level and its extremely annoying and messes me up! Please fix Brilliant

Awesome Very addicting and fun but there are times were i get mad but other wise its great Not bad

Honest comment Don't hear them about waste of money and other stuff just trust me this is the best game I played and it is worth the money I played this 2 hours a day. You may be bad but you will get better trust me! Perfect!

Awesome It is definitely one of the best rhythm games I've played. The learning curve is very steep, so prepare for some frustration mixed with the glorious feeling of progression. Enjoy it!

Great game It's difficult yes, but that's what I love about games. Plus I really enjoy the music. Well done!!

I love this addictive game I think it is fun good lasting game with all different cool levels including user made ones Worth it!

Great game One of the more challenging games I've played. However, still can't hear custom music... Awesome

Like this if your game lags Its annoying because killed remember this stuff by music. im a percussionist so I know my sh#t when it come to dis im not mad im just not pleased .plz fix Superb!

Glitchy Level Creator: Music green line doesn't appear. Start pos also starts music again, not where it should continue from. Practice mode: I lower the volume for SFX and I get small bursts of extremely high volume. Levels: I lower volume and the volume stays the same, when I pause and resume the music starts over again and doesn't sync properly. Audio also becomes fuzzy after 2 minutes of playing. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars. Until then, 1 star. Don't buy until they fix these problems Fabulous!

Geometry dash Fun game to play, though it is a bit repetitive. The graphics are pretty okay, and has a great style to it. I like that it has a lot of content in the demo which really drew me into getting the full version. Worth a go!

Apologiez I had overreacted on my last post this game gives me more stress than school! Is so fun and I downloaded every song on here love making my own levels too 5 star

Best game addiction in years A lot of stages that are hard.After your done there are an infinite amount of community stages that you can play definitely a must to buy if u feel games have no challenge wow lol

Pretty good The lite version of this was bad but the full version which I bought, is awesome. Must have

this game has awesomeness from me for ever even though i have only played this game for only a month or two this game is amazing. even though the lvls are frustrating this game will always have a place some where in my heart Works great

Good game It's a well thought game and I love it. I think it's a very good game, and people they say that it glitches is because they probably don't have a phone which can handle this game because maybe it's not fast enough. Pretty good

Impossible game This is a great game its basicly the impossible game but better in every way its 100% worth the money but every once in a while it has short lag times please fix and its not my internet or phone Cool

Fun but hard as steel balls Love the music but why do I wanna smash my phone in half every time I die please make it easy I can't even get through the 1st level!!!why is it so hard please make it easy do it because very time I die it makes me wanna smack someone in the face please don't let me smack my mom please make it easy please. Amazing!

Its good but... Every time I tap play on user created levels, it pauses for like 5 seconds and just starts the level randomly! But other than that good geometry game! My picture is your picture! And it also stops in the middle of a level!!! Its getting on my frickin nerves!!!!!!!! >:( Marvelous

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