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Aug 21, 2017

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! RobTop, you're an awesome game creator! I love geometry dash! It is AMAZING! I LOVE the music too! Also, follow me! I'm Baloney. ;) This game was Absolutley worth the money! :D And this is for all the GD fans. IF YOU LOVE GEOMETRY DASH. GET THIS GAME! If you have the money ;) Superb!

Aug 21, 2017

I like the game in total, but im pretty annoyed at the fact they dont update the game enough, they also introduce new geometry dash games but dont update them.. overall great game though one feature i would be so greatful for is if you complete a level in practice mode... you can later chooss where in the level you want to start in practice mode just so you can focus on improving on a certain part of the level... like if you were in geometrical dominator and completed the practice... it would be handy if you could go near the end to practice and memorise when to jump without having to go tbrough the whole level in practice mode love it

Aug 21, 2017

It's an awesome game, but sometimes the sounds stop working, either as soon as I start the game or after I finish a level. The game needs to be restarted when this happens. It would be good if the game was updated faster. A whole year between updates is way too long. But other than that it's perfect. I recommend this game to anyone who wants a challenge. Good

Aug 21, 2017

Wow I've beaten so many levels and now I'm trying to beat club step. This game is so fun and if you don't already have It I recommend getting it. It helps pass time and if your mad you can't take your anger out in the game and cool off. There are so many cool features and I was just reading about update 2.2 so I'm excited for that. Surprisingly

Aug 21, 2017

This Game Is Absolutely Amazing! You Will Never Get Bored! I've Been Playing For 2 Years, And I Have To Say, It NEVER Gets Old. New Online Levels Are Coming Out Every Second! Definitely Worth The $1.99! (My Account --> VenomWave <--) Go well

Aug 21, 2017

Well overall this game is pretty good except none of the online features are loading for me (ex. when I go into the featured page it shows a loading screen and then pops up with nothing) I don't know if its the app or its just my wifi being stupid... and also none of the player profiles are loading either :/ its probably just because the update just came out idk... Perfect!


This game is amazing! People keep saying there will be a icon editor in 2.2! Is this true? Anyway this game is driving a bit mad because I'm trying to get a new game and this is all I have because of how much space it takes up. Plz lower that if it is possible anyway my username is static voltage. Surprisingly


The best mobile game around. The objective is not complicated and the levels get harder which makes the game engaging especially when many of the levels you play are created by the thousands of other users who play this amazing game. My only issue with this game is the glitches but for me it doesn't happen too frequently. Overall, best game I have ever played. Fabulous!


The game is great, but I feel like I got ripped off. When I downloaded the game off the internet, it was better then the one I payed real money for. Whenever I close the app, it logged off my profile and takes away every type of shard ive collected. You either need to fix this, or give my money back Not bad


I love this game and have for about 2 years now. It's incredibly addictive if you take the time to get into it, that said, it also takes time - a LOT of time - to get really good. So commitment and patience are needed to become any decent at the game, but that just makes it feel more rewarding. In terms of gameplay I have no issues. Reason I gave it a 4 star is because I occasionally open up the game, and a little bit of my progress from the last time I played will be missing. For example, if I finished a level and then closed the game shortly afterwards, the game would then tell me I hadn't finished the level next time I open it. And that is frustrating. There is also the occasional crash when I'm in the menus. Overall though, it's great. It would also be great if the level creator was slightly easier to use... But it could just be that I am not competent enough to figure everything out. Looking forward to seeing what's added in the next update. Keep up the good work RopTop! Awesome


I love Geometry Dash most of the time. However, it does get annoying when the game decides to TELEPORT YOU AHEAD OF THE LEVEL AT RANDOM TIMES. I can't tell you how many times it's made me absolutely p'd off when it does that. It ruins the fun and love that I had for the game. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but not when it does this bull. Fix this please. Highly Recommend.


Great game but still waiting for.update 2.1, 2.0 came out at 2015 and now at 2017, 2.1 is still not released. Also, we need a harder difficulty. There are very hard online levels and u only get 10 stars for completing it. Might as well do level 14 for 14 stars Works great


AWESOME! But the rating system sucks. A 2.1 harder level would be a demon in 1.8. And the BG thing where you change the color of the background is gone. So I cannot change the back ground color. Some new features are laggy. All the levels seem to be overpacked. Please fix these problems Perfect


I would give this game 5 stars IF Robtop could fix all the bugs on android. When I play levels sometimes the character teleports some blocks forward and it shouldn't do that. I also glitch sometimes into blocks and crash. The games has some dumb mechanics that just frustrate me when they occur. Overall it's a quite fun game but as I said, 5 stars if Robtop fixes these bugs. And please do that ! 5 star


You should make a level using the song "Mario Time" by Ion Vibes, his youtube channel. But that might be copyrighted, I'm not sure... but if you do, that will be awesome! Great job


Creators pls read- 2 days ago when everything was going fine and all my stuff is in the game, I wake up and all my achievements, 7,000 diamonds, 400 stars and all my skins r gone. Idk how this happened but I rlly loved this game but I want my stuff back. If u guys could help with that, that would be amazing love it


(To the people who are thinking adout getting this) It's the best mobile game, even tho it's so hard. I recommend this game, it's not math however. But it's really good and buetifull. To rubtub, I recommend adding online play mode, and a mode in game that turns you to a spike and spike don't hurt, maby a 3d mode to make us have more rage, and an in game thing that alows buttons to press pls. Thx Flawless


I love it. Great time killer and so addicting and fun. But one thing, WHEN R GAUNTLETS GUNNA COME ROBTOP!! Otherwise, keep up the great content :) oh, also make a HD version for tablets pls, thanks! Recommend


New update is very laggy and glitchy. I teleport one place to the other. I was on clubstep, but when the update came there was currency you could use. So I wanted to start on stereo madness to gain money but I can't even finish it because of lag, glitches and teleportation! I'll rate it 5 stars when this is fixed! Flawless


I beat every level 1 to 21, the music is sick, and the game is challenging. But the secret to being good is by not getting stressed. That is very hard to accomplish. I like the game a lot and please make some new levels. I need something to beat and brag about. If someone reads this, just know that this game takes a lot and lot of practice. Perfect!

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