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This game is very hard for me but it is kinda simple I need to use strategies to get past the level Anyway this is a wonderful game ! Tnx Robtop/RubRub Marvelous

love it ! Maybe you can change the (silver )coins the guard in setting. Maybe the monster can destroy gd but there's a game to stop him. Love the gameplay and add more secrets because it's more fun with them. And I can go to the purple door for one more key! Yeah! Works perfectly

I like the update but there's a bug most of us experience. The level lags but the song continues on so I can't time any jumps. This also happens for user created levels and the levels I made. How am I supposed to make a level when the song plays fine yet the level lags? Please fix this. Perfect

A-Ok game, but there's a problem with the 2.11 update,(btw, this happens randomly) the game slows down and that means the song gets off track. Plz Robtop, I really recommend to plz change this problem. Plz answer I need to know before I rage quit. Pretty good

I love the new update and all, but me and a bunch of others are experiencing a problem. Before the update, my game ran smooth with no lag. Now after the update, I try to play a level and in the middle of it I start to slow down yet the music in the level continues fine. When I finally speed back up again, the music is all messed up and I can't time my jumps properly. This doesn't just occur once, it happens multiple times through a level. It also happens to user made levels, and the levels I made. I can't properly create levels with the lag. Please look into fixing this. It's a waste of money if I can't play the game because of this. Highly Recommend.

I have this game on PC and I unlocked a lot and I have saved on the same account I use on mobile and I lost them. Apart from that good game Good

A-Ok game, but there's a problem with the 2.11 update,(btw, this happens randomly) the game slows down and that means the song gets off track. Plz Robtop, I really recommend to plz change this problem. Works great

It's cool and all but I wonder if there could be more levels and updates more recently Perfect!

i gave 3 stars because the framerate was horrible and in low detail mode its WAY more worser. But i like the game still :D Enjoy it!

Love the create levels mode! but one small suggestion: while in the create level menu, the delete level icon should be a garbage can instead of an 'x'. The standard meaning of 'x' is to close, i.e windows close icon. Too easy to delete a level that took long to create. Works perfectly

Its amazing but... Mr.Developer umm i have a problem with lag so maybe you can fix this on your next update but plz fix this lag it ruins the song and i keep getting teleported to spikes even in practice mode and creating a level! So plz fix this because the setting dont work for some reason Must have

It's the best game I ever played! It's so much fun. So many challenges, and adding custom levels expands the game to where it can't be finished which is awesome. Surprisingly

I love 2.11 but I'm on mobile and it lags so much that i can't even play the game any more. Holy sometimes it slows down to the point that it looks like I'm speedhacking. Plz fix cuz this is pissing me the f##k off Perfect

Best game ever , i recomend this to anybody i will ever know. Rage and music. How much better could it get. ._. Omg

This is a good game, but laggy as hell. (SG3) Some levels are unplayable, even with (Force) Smooth Fix enabled and Low Details Mode. Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash World don't sync with Geometry Dash in 2.1 like we were told. I feel Orbs are a little too uncommon based off how much is needed to buy absolutely everything. Overall good game though, I, personally, highly suggest it. Amazing!

Ever since I updated it the music has been designed? And I am having trouble playing with the music not being synced. wow lol

My child loves this app however, your last update erased his unlocked cubes! Can you give them back to him? Who do I contact about this? I have the paid version of this app. Marvelous

Great game but latest update is very laggy. I love this game. Except for the lag part of it. Surprisingly

So robtop this time my emails ok but it said something went wrong! I do not know what's wrong but it's blocking me for making my account in this game plz help and Also when is 2.2 coming out plz help me robtop plz Omg

I have been playing this game for 2 years and it is very addictive...I recommend everyone to play this lovely game Fantastic

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