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Great game! Obviously by my Profile Pic. I love how there is no in game purchase and there never win be, and that's great, also the fact that this game supports 144htz is great. All around 10/10, if there is a .0000001% chance RobTop reads this, I have a few gliches or visuals on the mobile version that can be notes, 1.) In the newest Gauntlets, the background colors are all grey, but on Steam ver. They are all different, and 2.) I don't receive demon keys, normally I get them after 500 orbs, but for me I have to close the game out to get them. Feed back? Highly Recommend.

Everything about this game is great. It can obtain, yet release stress at the same time. The game's graphics are well depending on your "avatar". The game's gameplay depends on what level you're playing/making, which means you could make outstanding gameplay, or not so good gameplay. Overall, Geometry Dash is a fun game and it leads exciting challenges. I will be playing this game a lot in my free time. Works perfectly

RobTop games are so fun. The levels are amazing and the soundtracks. But, the level editor is so limited. Can you add a new level in gd? The online levels are bad and I want the professional RobTop creators to do it. Add more triggers. Diamonds are too hard to find. So you should give more diamonds when you complete the quests. Probably you wouldn't bother to do what some kid has to say but I would like you to do this stuff. wow lol

I like the app but when i try to open it, it doesnt open. The screen just goes black and then it brings me back to my home screen. I tried looking it up but it only showed videos for how to fix it on computers. If you tell me how i can fix it on phones then ill rate 5 stars. Please tell me because i really want to improve a level i previously made. Must have

My son LOVES this game so I installed it to understand what he keeps talking to me about. It's addictive, frustrating and super fun. Thoroughly enjoying it. My only issue is that it never remembers me, I have created an account and I have to keep logging in each time I play so I lose all my progress. No idea why. 5 star

Awesome and great, very epic. But maybe add animations to the forms. Like the dragon rocket (spoiler if you have never seen inside the community shop) could have wings that would flap instead of weirdly farting rocket fumes and flying without flapping. Not bad

This game is so fun and awesome to play. I like playing it and you can make you own level in the level editor and get daily rewards and have a beat the daily level and weekly demon. You can search other peoples levels and select which one you would like to play. I love the soundtracks because there are many more you can listen to and use it for your level. And plus you can add people as friends. You can do as many more and it has lots of features to this game :) #rubrubiscool Recommend

A brilliant game full of multiple mind twisting levels? At the moment I'm creating many levels currently not released. Please recommend levels to OBSIDIANGamer and friend me. Thank you for a brilliant game RobTop! Suggestion: Could RobTop change the friend interface, so you can see what icons a user has, and so you could compete? Not bad

It's fun, challenging and frustrating, plus you can make your own levels and upload them and download custom levels that other people have made. The music is good and helps with the flow of the levels. Overall it's definitely worth the price considering all you can do. I would recommend picking this up if you're on the fence about it. Awesome

This game is by far one of the best ones ive played i reccomend it to anyone who likes a good challenge and time spender. This game is definantly worth the money! If i were to find a flaw it would be to make more beginner levels to ease the player into the game just a bit more. Thank you Rob Top Games! Fabulous!

The wave is 2 glitchy. I dont know if its a problem for everyone, but i dont like it. Also, my character doesn't jump when I tap. That happens a lot. Other than that great game Not bad

This is probably the best game ever to have fun and also rage a bit. One thing that makes me mad is that I had an account that I had all my stuff on. My tablet broke and all my stuff was lost. I tried logging in to my account but it gave me nothing back. I was wondering if RopTop Games can help me solve my problem. This has kind of let me heart broken as I had many things on there. I hope they can help me get this stuff back. It took me a while to get all the stuff. But this is a great game to play. Just remember to save or you'll be in my unfortunate situation. If RopTop Games sees this please help and have a Good Day. Not bad

I first found out about this game from Pewdiepie back when I was in 11th grade and as of right now I've finally finished the X-step level. I know that makes me sound like hella trash, but I've played this for some long time and I still find enjoyment in it. It's a great time killer and you do find enjoyment in completing a level as well. Not bad

Awesome! I can play this game to make levels, play levels, friend people, And customize the avatar! Also, you can play the main levels! This game is really fun to play! And the last thing I was gonna say: You get user coins in levels, Secret coins in main levels and stars in main levels and other levels!Also you get orbs and diamonds on new best. And if you complete main levels! This game is so good. You get colors too! Everyone should play this and never delete it. This is one of my favorite games I was ever playing in my whole entire life! I will play this everyday since this game is so amasing and cool. I will play it already like now. And I like 2.1! And I liked 2.0. But when will will 2.2 be here? In 1 year! So let's keep playing until robtop makes 2.2. But I don't need to wait for 2.2! Cause I don't know what will happen in 2.2 but let's see! 5 star

It's amazing. Only one problem, and please let me know about this, I have a Samsung s8 and for some reason I cannot access any online function. Not even the account registration. I would like to play my friends levels and others so please let me know about this. Thanks in advance. Worth it!

When playing this game. You'll see that it's harsher than nails. However allot of thought went into the level design and it rewards you enough. However when trying to play online, the game itself is trash. Making a game is some what tedious yet playing some of them, are just challenging, or not challenging, to a point where it's just the creator putting random things around the level. Basically the online sucks, but the one made by the creator is actually fun. Works great

can u pls fix auto clicks and delays? Whenever i click it gets delayed but when i dont click, it auto clicks and kills me. This is getting in the way from me being good. This game will be no good if these unfair things stay. You are literally hanging on a string for me to give you 5 stars Recommend

Ummm...I have a problem. You see, when I press levels and then Online levels,it doesn't work to show the levels. I have Wifi and I press retry it doesn't work even restarting my device. Plz fix for 5 stars. Perfect!

This app is wonderful! An amazing app that does give off a feeling of excitement and suspense within every level. Although the art in this can be very blinding and I find the art in this to be very simple and unpleasant to the eye. The music is a bit of a eh because I don't find the music that is used within the levels very good but that may be because of my taste in music. I'd give the app a higher score if it was more appealing in graphic design. But this app is very good as a time passer! Perfect

Well I would give it 5 stars but recently it has started to glitch. The gameplay would slow but the audio keeps going. By the time I get to to the middle of the level it glitches so bad I die. Fix it NOW! wow lol

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