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Jun 27, 2017

I love it. Great time killer and so addicting and fun. But one thing, WHEN R GAUNTLETS GUNNA COME ROBTOP!! Otherwise, keep up the great content :) oh, also make a HD version for tablets pls, thanks! Recommend

Jun 27, 2017

I beat every level 1 to 21, the music is sick, and the game is challenging. But the secret to being good is by not getting stressed. That is very hard to accomplish. I like the game a lot and please make some new levels. I need something to beat and brag about. If someone reads this, just know that this game takes a lot and lot of practice. Perfect!

Jun 27, 2017

This is frustrating for the wrong reasons. At certain segments in all levels, there is one point that you cannot jump. I am dead serious, in levels like polargeist and time machine, I keep tapping the jump button, and it doesn't respond, which leads to death. It is VERY annoying, and this seriously needs to be fixed. It is interrupting my enjoyment of an otherwise great game with a lot of great potential. Don't let this one big ruin the experience overall, please fix this. Fabulous!

Jun 27, 2017

an incredible game with very creative and sometimes really hard levels to it. It kinda reminds me of the impossible game for the Xbox 360. It was one of my favorite games even though I could never beat it. This game is basically that game and a whole lot more! Like secrets and new mechanics and of course custom levels made by players for players! Overall this game is amazing and i love so much about it. I'm so glad I got it. Surprisingly

Jun 27, 2017

Keep without the option of continuing! Without the option of continuing makes the gameplay much better, it makes when you finish a level much more rewarding, when you don't need help from the game it self. My brother says that "deadlocked" is impossible. And that people are only beating it with bots. My brother has gotten 100% on every level on practice and normal mode EXCEPT deadlocked he doesn't even have one hundred percent on practice mode of deadlocked. I think he just needs more practice just keep it in mind that he cant beat it! Awesome

Jun 27, 2017

One of the best games I had ever played in my life. If you have not downloaded it, DOWNLOAD IT NOW! If you can't buy the full version, you can always buy the lite version instead. :) RubRub, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 2.1 UPDATE! I have waited so long for this! Also tell me if there is going to be a 2.2 Update in the future :3 Overall EXCELLENT GAME! Cool


Great Game! There are a few minor bugs! But it is awesome! (By the Way, I love 2.1) Worth it!


The game is great! The music and difficulty gets me pumped! Controls are great, so is the graphics, lag occasionally comes, but still great. Then, when ever I get on, get my chest, play, etc. Nothing saves, I come back to lose all my data, levels, treasure room chest, etc. Please fix that. I would appreciate it alot. Go well


Robtop, I absolutely adore this game and music, It is my favourite game along with the other GD's. But there a a heap of bugs that need to be fixed. You know what they are. I would have rated 5 star but, I sent a help email to robtop, they wont answer! I LOST absolutely everything. I am stopping to play this game because of that. Overall great game keep going along with it! P.S. Is it normal to defeat Fingerdash before Jumper? Flawless


I played the lite version of this and I loved it. My friend had the full version and told me to get it. When I bought it I realized it was pretty much the best game I've ever played. I only got it right when 2.1 came out and since then, I beat 16 demons! Perfect!


The game it's self is really fun and I'm glad I bought the full version, but why won't it let me make an account? It just keeps saying "login failed" in red, I tried making a new email just so I can make the account to save my progress, but no matter what I try it just keeps saying "login failed" is there a way that either you guys or I can fix this? Also my friend has this exact problem and he has the game on steam. Please respond if possible. Surprisingly


Ever since 2.1 came out my geometry dash has been acting up. Sometimes gauntlets,map packs,daily chests,featured and hall of fame levels will not load or they say "something went wrong, please try again later" and that's really annoying. Other than this, great game. Well done!!


Favorite game. I'm having trouble accessing quests and daily levels, they say that they are ready but the timer stays at 0. The update is still brand new and I trust robtop to fix all our problems lol wow lol


Seriously for 2 bucks this can get you playing for hours and hours as you struggle to finish a level or collecting those sneaky coins. All in all, it's a beautiful game with some great soundtracks that matches the game's transitioning elements. Well done! P.S. Don't throw your phone out of frustration because you'll be getting quite a number of them :P Cool


It's a great game, but you REALLY need to fix the sensitivity of the touch screen! It's SO annoying! I literally have my hands of the screen, and it makes me bounce about 4 god dam times! Ask my friends if you don't believe me!!! Other than that I enjoy it Omg


I love the part where you can make your own level it's pretty much all I do on this game! I found a bug. I bought a ball in the shop, then went to play the game, then when I went out of geometry dash to play dragon vale, when I am back to geometry dash, I didn't have the ball I got! ( I did get my orbs back tho) and now every time I reopen geometry dash, the ball is gone! what is going on! Please fix this in the next update. Perfect


2.1 has been amazing so far!! Great work RubRub. However, the servers and overall connection has been poor of late. I am sure it is being fixed, and we will get gauntlet mode soon! 5 out of 5 for sure!! wow lol


You can add something called ' Savior or Mana Coins in 2.2. They can be used to turn into mana orbs. You get 1 coin every 250 mana orbs. Please add this idea in 2.2 Robtop this is my first ever suggestion. P.S. 1 coin(s) turns into 50 mana orbs. Amazing!


One of the best games I have ever played. The only thing is that my progress mysteriously disappeared one day, though this never happened to any of my friends. Over all, a great game. R.I.P. progress Great!


GD remains my favorite game for 2 years, because of the active YouTube community and the amazing levels. Yatagarasu was recently verified and 2.1 was just released. This game has so much potential and I absolutely love it. For example, Etzer remade the Electronic Super Joy game right into GD. And there's this amazing series called the AlterGame series. It's amazing how a game with a cube jumping over spikes became a huge community. Most bad reviews are of people not knowing how to play or having bad hardware on their phones which are not capable of handling this game. Only real fans will understand all that blabbering... EDIT: Some people on Newgrounds signed a petition and brought down GD on Steam and Play Store. R.I.P. Awesome

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