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Mar 26, 2017

It's fun, addictive, and all around awesome. Great soundtrack and lvls. There are 2 problems tho with the update: 1. When I beat a lvl or open a chest and then get out of the app after and then go back on it, it shows me as if I didn't even open the chest or that I beat that lvl. 2. I can't login to my account. It keeps telling me "login failed" every time. Plz fix this I don't want to restart from the beginning if let's say I break my phone. I have so much progress on it so plz fix quick. Not bad

Mar 26, 2017

Creators pls read- 2 days ago when everything was going fine and all my stuff is in the game, I wake up and all my achievements, 7,000 diamonds, 400 stars and all my skins r gone. Idk how this happened but I rlly loved this game but I want my stuff back. If u guys could help with that, that would be amazing Amazing!

Mar 26, 2017

Very hard but that's what makes it fun. But its extremely agitating when it keeps jumping or doesn't jump at all. It's the best game ever though. It's a great game, it had a brilliant update. It also has great new stuff. I love this update. And the level maker allows people to show their potential and draw out their creativity. They can inspire their levels on people and their levels. And it's the definition of amazing. Even though this game can get agitating, it's extremely fun. This game is just the definition of brilliant. I had an extremely hard time beating Time Machine, but you just have to keep trying. You WILL get it. Maybe add a collaboration system, more stars depending on the difficulty of demon, like extreme demons give out 15 stars, easy ones give out 10, and a multiplayer feature in 2.2. Great game, anyways! Great!

Mar 26, 2017

I cannot see my account in 2.1 nor others accounts. And even though I have an account, it says I need an account to add friends. The leader boards are down aswell, but overall great update. I hope these bugs get fixed, but 2.1 is amazing with its new features, levels, icons, level creator options, etc. Also: I am playing this on a Samsung galaxy s4. Please and thank you! Good

Mar 26, 2017

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love LLOOOOVVVEEEEEE!!!Geometry Dash RobTop Rocks, Keep up the good work guys! And I'm rlly exited to when the 3rd island comes out on Geometry Dash and I need help with doing my Hellfire Demons V2 cause I'm only new... Got the game 4 days ago, And how do you get the full version of geometry dash WORLD Works perfectly

Mar 26, 2017

THANK YOU FOR 2.1 ROBTOP!!! But 1 problem. i havent accessed the gauntlets in 2 days because it kept saying "Something went wrong Please try again later." Fix It. But THIS GAME IS ALSO ADDICTIVE!!! :D Perfect!


Robtop, I absolutely adore this game and music, It is my favourite game along with the other GD's. But there a a heap of bugs that need to be fixed. You know what they are. Overall great game keep going along with it! P.S. Is it normal to defeat Fingerdash before Jumper? Great!


Sometimes when I tap the screen, the game won't let that tap connect, usually on levels where you don't tap as much, making the first levels of the game extremely hard. I managed to finish Electroman Adventures and Theory of Everything, but I can't beat simple levels like Polargeist because some inputs just don't register. I don't know if it's a problem with the game or my phone, but still. Great game, though. Don't get me wrong. Great job


The game was very good back in the day and is getting better. What I don't like is that now with the 2.1 update, I need to replay every level and online level just to get those orb things. If they could just give the orbs in the level you already should have gotten them in, then I say the game would also be good. I also don't like the shop. Before, you actually felt like you earned things by overcoming an obstacle. But now, you can just play easy online levels just to get a color icon, but that's my opinion. Just wow


This game is amazing! People keep saying there will be a icon editor in 2.2! Is this true? Anyway this game is driving a bit mad because I'm trying to get a new game and this is all I have because of how much space it takes up. Plz lower that if it is possible anyway my username is static voltage. Recommend

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The new update is causing lots of lag and glitches that cause you to crash, the profiles, gauntlets, and daily rewards don't work as well, you guys need to stop updating it just every year. You need to stop making new GD games, they were good, but you need to focus on the main app. Muito bom!


Great game! I have been playing for almost 2 years now (since 1.9) and it was wonderful seeing this community grow. Since 2.1 came, though, the game has been unstable and the server's crash repeatedly. I know this isn't my device because both the wi-fi and my tablet work perfectly with each other on any game besides this one. Please fix this issue and I will give 5 stars to this game... Fabulous!


Seriously for 2 bucks this can get you playing for hours and hours as you struggle to finish a level or collecting those sneaky coins. All in all, it's a beautiful game with some great soundtracks that matches the game's transitioning elements. Well done! P.S. Don't throw your phone out of frustration because you'll be getting quite a number of them :P Flawless


2.1 is amazing. Fingerdash has good design, the editor has some new(albeit confusing) tools, 4x speed, the spider, the new ships and stuff, I could go on all day. The gauntlets were kind of underwhelming. Nothing makes me more angry than when a level has BS invisible speed portals. The gauntlets are just that. But overall, BUY THIS GAME! Perfect


I love this game. Seriously, it's my top played mobile game of all time, and on the top 5 of my all time favorite games. But it's really gone downhill lately, with lack of info from its creators, the integration of useless things like the store, diamonds, keys and etc., the Keymaster, treasure room and all that. Not to mention you made two completely different apps that could have been integrated into the full version of the game. There's also a ton of bugs in 2.1. It's laggier, the music is sometimes completely off, and I randomly teleport further in the level, usually directly into spikes and I die. It's a fantastic app, but until we get better communication, less apps, and bug fixes, I simply cannot rate higher than a 3. Not bad


OK, I love this game, but why is it so glitchy on my phone? There are serious lift and drag issues with most vehicles. For example; sometimes when I'm in the wave mode, I'll give a light tap, and the wave goes flying to the top of the screen. Same with the rocket and robot. It gets really annoying when you're trying to beat a level and at the very end the rocket just decides, "hey, I'm not really in the mood to GO UP, I'm just gonna drag all the way through." However, I still love this game, even though it's glitchy. It just gets frustrating. wow lol


The game it's self is really fun and I'm glad I bought the full version, but why won't it let me make an account? It just keeps saying "login failed" in red, I tried making a new email just so I can make the account to save my progress, but no matter what I try it just keeps saying "login failed" is there a way that either you guys or I can fix this? Also my friend has this exact problem and he has the game on steam. Please respond if possible. Enjoy it!


FIX THIS THE ONLINE IS STUPID I WANT TO PLAY ONLINE LEVELZ.This is a great game! I have some ideas for the next update. •a level that helps you get better at electrodynamix •a gamemode that would have all icons and stuff unlocked already so people can see which Icons and stuff to work towards •perhaps have ultimate achievements in more levels, like hexagon force and toe 1 •fnaf themed icons perhaps? or at least springtrap. The online stuff doesn't work half of the time but I can still use Google and stuff and when it works it takes 1 hour to load. Please fix. love it


I like it overall except for one thing: gauntlets don't work. Even when I have a good internet connection, it says that something is wrong and to try again later. Fix it PLZ. And also, I have an idea for a game mode, a "big" mode, like the mini mode but it is twice as big and falls at half the normal speed. You should consider that for the next update, Robtop. love it


The game is great! The music and difficulty gets me pumped! Controls are great, so is the graphics, lag occasionally comes, but still great. Then, when ever I get on, get my chest, play, etc. Nothing saves, I come back to lose all my data, levels, treasure room chest, etc. Please fix that. I would appreciate it alot. Go well

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