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This is a really adicting game! I cant stop playing! The way to beat it is trail and error. But theres one small problem. For me it slows down the game but the music keeps going. And i have to pause and replay for it to go back to normal. Pls fix this bug. I give this game a 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10. Thats how great this game is for me Superb!

The game is great. I just have three words it's AAA Addicting annoying but awesome at the same time. The graphics and colours made the gameplay even better. I love it! And for all the people who have it u just need to practice cause practice makes perfect and don't rage quit ! love it

I love this so muchhh!! This has always been the game that I play because it's so challenging! It drives me crazy determined on beating these levels urghhhhhh!!! I've had Lite for a long time already and I'm happy that you add more levels now and then, Rubrub :D Enjoy it!

I paid for the full version but it keeps on having ads! That's really boring and its making me angry! But the rest is fine Amazing!

Awesome App!! I have no problems with it, not at all! Great job

Well i would like to say that it's the best geometry game i have ever's graphics is good but it can be improved......well it's a unique as it is also a time killer...... whenever i m bored i play this game.......i m also playing geometry dash subzero .....and I'm stuck in the First level......"press start" ....well i reached the person says "press start".....well it's two awesome.... Tnx for creatin' it........ Works perfectly

I dislike the game bc when you die you restart to the very begining. I was hoping there would be checkpoints every now and then but I was wrong. Plz fix this or give me a tip to last longer without dieing! Plz respond if can! ☺ Amazing!

This game is so fun to play and the directions are easy to follow. I can literally play this game for weeks straight if I don't meet my goal. Each level has it's own feature and is hard to pass. There is practice mood if you want to get the layout of the map. The practice mood has checkpoints so you don't have to start at the beginning each time. Great game!! Must have

Devs. I thank you from the heart for making a rythmn game that is actually challenging . It keeps me engaged and I Haven't finished it yet.. which is more effective game time than most idle games. There are maybe 2 apps that made me open the play store to just rate . Thou I have to say I'm a bit jealous you guys made the game and not me Pretty good

Ive really enjoyed this game in the past. But now it lags REALLY bad which makes it almost impossible to complete a level Muito bom!

Its a really good game but they should make it a bit easier. They should have a thing where they ask your age so that they can determine the hardness of the level. But good game I would try it. One question for RobTop games, though, what is with the "buy full version" how is there a full version. Reply to me robtop. I need to know. Not sure about it but worth a try and see if you like it. # Amsam production review. Highly Recommend.

This game is fun and great but there are too many advertisements and always make me feel annoyed by that. Please fix this and I will rate 4 or if it is better,5. it was 2015 when i said this. now it is 2018. NO CHANGE. all the ads were still there!!!!! so everytime i want to try again, AN AD WILL POP UP AND BRING ME TO THE PLAY STORE AGAIN. Brilliant

I downloaded it and played it. It worked for like 5 seconds. Can someone fix this or is it just me? Anyway if its just cuz its new to my phone then OK but if it doesn't work.. BOI Y DOES THIS GAME NOT WORK.. yet. Hopefully it works later. Um thats it. This is long. And that's it.♥ love it

I like this game so much that i am addicted already, its just that, i don't have money to buy the original Geometry Dash, i want to try the original one, RobTop can u atleast make the original Geometry dash free for 1 day so that other people can try too? It would be great if that was like a celebration. Flawless

It keeps on gliching. First it goes fast and then suddenly it slows down. This messes with how you play the game and I don't like that. But I do like the gameplay. That part is addictive and fun but it is aggravating trying to play when it gliches all the time. wow lol

It's a great game but.. It has too many ads it stops you in the middle of the game just for an ad and it does not save it when the add comes. I'm ok with ads but not in the middle of a game. But other than that it's a great game. Amazing!

The controls can be pretty bad at times. I mean, sometimes when I tap to jump, my character doesn't jump. It can get really annoying. But otherwise, great game Amazing!

I love the game a lot, but it lags so much on my phone that I can barely play it until I die from being slow. It's really annoying. Cool


Best game ever☺☺☺☺☺ only thing is when will you guus add a new level to the game? Ive played all the other levels like 590 times so please add a level. By the way please reply to this because im really excited to talk to you guys Worth it!

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