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Its a great and visually appealing match-3 game. I also love the 1001 Arabian Nights theme! Cool

Really fun game Omg

I have had two times the game has frozen during play. Each time it has happened while a big run. This last time on level 240. Ugh, they were tough levels and was winning. Flawless

Edit: fun and addictive game with a range of challenges, better graphics and design with way less ads than other variations. Good customer service. Original review: Updated the app. Lost all progress. Not going to start over. Fantastic

I'm completely addicted! I've tried SO many other similar games and none compare to this!!! Definitely NOT boring. Only thing is my husband seems to be having problems with level 50 on his phone. There aren't any relics and he's been on this level truing for 2 weeks. I had them on mine, but he doesn't, poor guy! What could the problem be?? It's no challenge beating him this wau~ Good

Amazing game so far Perfect!

Ever since the last update, the game will not load and always says it stopped. I really dont want to uninstall and lose the hundreds of levels. I just want to play the game. Brilliant

great game but I am dropping from 5 stars to 3 stars because of that annoying culwell & sons ad it was suppose to expire March 17th it is so long and I am tired of seeing it to the point i do not go for extra time because i do not want to see it.. if it is not removed soon I will have to delete the game which I love playing Highly Recommend.

I love all of your games so far. You give the player just enough moves to make it a simple but challenging game. Keep making your games the same way or better, and I'll keep loving your games! THANKS!! JAM CITY Amazing!

Love this "time passer" game. But lately, I'm unable to even get in the game. Frozen in the "Jam City" page. I've done all updates and still nothing. H.E.L.P.!!! Marvelous

Love it! But even though I update weekly, I still have to uninstall and reinstall about once every other month to fix glitches. Not bad

Delightfully addictive and clever quirks in the plots. Fox's reactions are charming. Love it and glad I found it. Great programming xxx Worth a go!

Can I get back to my levels on this device can i please go back to my levels at two hundred + Awesome

The most interesting game I have played in a long time I will keep playing until I can't win a game. Keep making games like this. Very addictive game. Thanks. Worth a go!

I like this game,have played it for sometime,but really,I'm so tired of the same old levels,I'm in 400's and it don't change,it's the same levels,you guys couldn't come up with anything different? Not bad

I enjoy the frustrations at times and others the strategy ! Only all of a sudden my game dropped in less than 1 hr.of playing it .Please fix it !! Highly Recommend.

I love the game. I'm on level 277. It's nearly impossible to pass levels by this level of play. Great job

One of the best match 3 games out there. The graphics are fluid and it has a vivid detail to each image. Cool

This the best match game I have played so far. Great graphics and the little fox is adorable. Fun time, thanks. Superb!

I really like this game, I love how it's not timed! also the little fox is cute ☺️ Great!

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