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Here is my issue... the emojis are cute and i like them a lot...but i cant just send them in a convo im having...if you try to send one it then prompts you to select who you want to send it to instead of just letting you do so in a convo...then when it sends it comes as a picture not as an emoji...they are things that HAVE to be fixed in my book otherwise id never keep it long term Surprisingly

Good but the sharing is rudimentary... Could you implement a similar share as it present for day, gboard stickers? Flawless

if this is from the developer of Grindr why does this not work with Grindr when I go to use it in Grindr grinder comes back saying that this app does not support sharing images 5 star

I find the Emojis cute and could be an easier way of communicating some of the things that gays on hookup apps find saying over and over. The issue that I have is that it won't allow me to use them in my profile or any part of Grindr. The Grindr app already has these built into an option for sending them in conversation. But there is not a way to have them in a profile. I am guessing this will be an issue then with other date apps using this. Oh well maybe they will fix it. Lol you know cuz Grindr really works at fixing issues well. Hahaha Surprisingly

It's just ok.. Some cool ones, lots of dumb ones. The main reason for this review though, is to say one thing... PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR SWYPE, AUTO-CORRECT, AUTO-SPACE, AND AUTO-PUNCTUATE. Until then.... Meh. LG V20. Marvelous

Like the idea but every time I try to insert one of the gaymojis into a text message it asks me to select which conversation. I wanna put it in the one I'm having! It should know that! It's supposed to work as a keyboard after all.. Great job

For my phone the gaymojis work fast in Grindr (as fast as regular emojis)..but on other apps - i'm still waiting for one to load. . as a pic Fantastic

The emojis are really just pictures, it is almost incompatible with any app and makes it very difficult to send to friends and people. The keyboard also doesnt fix mistakes while texting and you have to erase everythong you have written just to fix it. That being said, the pictures definitely make texting more interesting when trying to flirt. Hopefully, mistakes will be fixed but overall it is a good try Must have

Good idea but it's not working on Kik messenger and some others. On WhatsApp it has a black background. Those people complaining it's actually stickers or jpeg pics, it has to be as true emoji is fixed by Google and iOS. If you don't like the keyboard you can share the stickers from the app itself it works much the same as Bitmoji Go well

I like the emojis and the wide variety of gay themed emojis. However, I am rather displeased that these can not be used on Grindr or directly in messages like standard emojis. This app is basically an uncustomizable version of bitmoji. Perfect!

Great but why when trying to send a message on whatsapp does it switch to status update Surprisingly

Cant even use in grindr. Also wish there was a way to hide the app icon from the app drawer so it's just a keyboard. You can hide the Google keyboard app icon. Uninstalling for now. Enjoy it!

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