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Works ok Have to change my review. 1st I had issue's like many others with it having issues when you try to go past zip code / ambient conditions page and gave a low review. I restarted my phone today and the app starting working fine. The only two things for me that keep me from giving 5 stars is I'd like to see more RPM points like estimated full boost point to get an idea if surge would be likely and also a peak torque point. Also would love to see a calc for compound setup.

Needs some tweaks Need Lambda option, need to adjust intake temps for alcohol fuels. (chemical intercooler)

Works great as described. Fun app works great on Samsung note2 with android 4.3. Thanks for a making it that much easier to find the right turbo for my next project!

Does the basics.. Wish it had a compound option, maybe in the next version. Some of the default figures are a bit dated compared to modern offerings..

Works well! Saves time vs spreadsheets I previously made. Users complaining about results need to better understand the inputs and values for their application.

Amazing! Truly awesome. Really sheds light how much every little thing effects horsepower.. Recommend to install Garrett Boost Adviser APK.

Pretty good!! Even though I drive a 1.2 corsair and if I would fit a turbo to it the engine would probably explode... The definitions are by far the most useful! Even has some formulas in there to help calculate the values very useful for students studying an automotive/ motorsport degree!!!

Doesn't seem too accurate. I have an old Fiat X1/9 that makes 75hp stock and according to this app I'd only need to run 3.5lbs of boost to take me up to 150hp. I don't think that's accurate at all.

#live-wallpapers Zip Code Doesn't! The zip Code feature doesn't work. Just says "unknown exception". I tried several zip codes for Salem and Portland OR.

Zip Code Doesn't The zip Code feature doesn't work. Just says "unknown exception". I tried several zip codes for Salem and Portland OR.

Good App Usually it works pretty well! Support of rotary engines needs to be added though.

Awesome app Need to be able to input Australian post codes tho :-( please update this, this app works good I just don't know usa zip codes

Great App Fantastic little app for working out things on the fly although the reason it gets 3 stars is because it doesn't support UK postal code's.

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