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I wouldn't suggest paying for the weather or photo live. Both kinda suck. Takes forever for live radar to load in weather. And live photo is just a waste of money. The camera feeds are usually dead or very bad picture quality. 5 star

Good for getting live services on my Garmin GPS but I hate that the service starts on phone boot and continues to run in the background. Give us the option to have it run only when the app is open and then run in the background, and the option to do the service from the notification shade. Enjoy it!

This app is a decent app but could be better. It's easy to use when you connect to the GPS you have. I've been using it for about a year and could use some improving, but it isn't the worst. Works perfectly

Latest update won't send to GPS. I downgraded the app and turned off automatic updates. Works again. Also, used to be able to select which apps for notification access; that stopped working long ago. Well done!!

Sadly, I spent several hundred dollars on the gps that uses this app for traffic and it still does not come close to Waze or Google maps. Either way, I still use it as I'd rather have an actual gpd then have my phone out. So it's definitely better than the other gps' I've used that use a cable for traffic. Muito bom!

It needs a (On\Off) button added but besides that I've used this app for a couple days now and so far so good. I like seeing the weather on my Garmin. Facebook, Twitter and text messages all come through fine. I don't think it'll display a picture via text message though. The hands-free phone option works well. I could hear the other person and she could hear me perfect through the device. I'll EDIT and update in a few more days. Perfect

It's okay most of the time, but on occasion, this app causes excessive battery drain, requiring me to force-close it. Worth it!

Repeatedly disconnected with my Samsung phone. Since then, I replaced the Samsung with a Motorola and have not had any disconnects. Surprisingly

I like the connectivity between my smartphone on my Garmin device. But I would really like a version of this to connect with my tablet. Rather than have my phone do everything. Brilliant

Is an okay app. Needs a bit of work. Consumes a bit too much battery power accessing the GPS on the phone even though the app is not in use. Perfect!

It's ok notification etc work. Traffic update work but why does this app has to run when I switch on Bluetooth it should only be running in background when connected to Garmin navigator not running whenever Bluetooth is on and draining battery. Perfect

The map section of the app is very basic with options at all and takes time to load. It'd be the best Navigation-support app of Garmin could incorporate Google maps or even send a location from my smartphone to the nüvi device using Google maps. Good

I really want to love this app but it so often leaves me frustrated on the side of the road. All I want is to send locations and routes from Google Maps to my Garmin Zumo 595. I'd say I get failed messages 85% of the time. Then later it sometimes appears anyway. Should be easy and instant. No glitchy. Sad really as I still have to use it. Highly Recommend.

Updated: a lot of bugs fixed. However, it still does not retain settings correctly. For example like many users I have my phone connected to the car Bluetooth but need the GPS to talk to it as well. It continually hijacks the phone despite being 'told' not to. Flawless

Traffic subscription disappeared, after last update. But it still functions, it just no longer shows that you are subscribed to it. Marvelous

Reconnect to Zumo 595 fails as the app is displaying a pop up after it disconnects from my Zumo. Have to restart the app (2.5.1) before my zumo 595 connects again. pitty. V2.5.0 was fine though.. edit: Seems to have been partly fixed in 2.6.0 Surprisingly

When selecting an address it's very disappointing that it does not send address to Garmin Drive 50, and finding an address in the SmartLink App is very cumbersome and clunky, needs a lot of work, and under pick location and weather alerts the map is not automatically set with North at the top, I'm have yet for the app to send the address to my Garmin Perfect!

advanced weather takes up to 20 minutes to load and then does not update. so far it can only tell me where a storm was hours ago. Awesome

Reconnect to Zumo 595 fails as the app is displaying a pop up after it disconnects from my Zumo. Have to restart the app (2.5.1) before my zumo 595 connects again. pitty. V2.5.0 was fine though.. Seems to have been fixed in 2.6.0 Recommend

Finally works as advertised on s7 and latest Garmin update. Design still ugly as hell. Omg

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