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Fantastic app for the kids. They love playing the games, earning animal badges, earning their rewards for all the different chores, and the times for their daily events. The step counters and activity counters are great! The sleep tracker is great for me to monitor also. Well done!!

Should be auto synchronization or at least good reminder. Wish to have more motivation things for kids. Also more integration with adult Garmin apps to create sort of family pool. Quite boring story about bb8. My seven old son stopped interested in after two month moving around same spots. So afterall it is a lot of thing to improve and device itself has a lot of potential but application is far away from to be useful. 4 stars only because there ate no many competitors on the market. Pretty good

I like this because my son is getting so many steps and I can see when he is up and when he goes to sleep love it

The adventure game doesn't load most of the time. The coins and step count are a huge motivator for my son. Not bad

Slow to sync always seems to be manual which is annoying. Could do with more reminders but on whole it's ok Highly Recommend.

Great at enticing kids to move in a fun way. My 10yr old got it for his bday and he loves it and i love the chore chart. Perfect!

Love the app. Manual updates kinda suck though should auto sync with phones. Would be nice. Other than that very useful Brilliant

The app is great! It is sometimes slow to sync up, but overall it's a great app that allows me to track my kid's activity and sleep! He also loves wearing it because it's so much like my Fitbit. Good

Few glitches, prefer no alarm for reminders, would be great to use say 2 watches on both mum and dads phone at same time to enable either to update the goals etc. Sometimes activity does not show true time, eg we been active for 2 hours or so and when checked watch only showed 28mins, dissapointing! Awesome

Updates for daily activity can be slow. Can't get one of our Connect accounts to show. Not bad

Can't sync to app so annoying as i can't see sleep patterns and activity times. Please fix. The app is up to date on my phone and I have restarted phone.... what else? Worth it!

Takes a few goes to sync which can be frustrating. If that was fixed it would be really good. Perfect!

I love his app and the vivofit Jr band. It would be nice if the kids can submit a guess to their fun facts clues. Even If they get one guess after each fun fact it would be awesome. And making the device sync better. Fix this and I would give it 5 stars. Overall a great app Not bad

I have enjoyed watching how her day went with actually seeing her (in school, running errands with dad) I also like the sleep tracker, it helps in different ways. Go well

Good to get the kids active. Great motivation for us parents to carry on and become more involved. wow lol

Manual updates are very frustrating. Auto update is vital. Takes a few goes to update. Need more chores than 8. I'm desperate to understand how the sleep function works and is monitored. Can't find anything on the net. Worth it!

It is nice encouragement for kids to reach their activity goals. The sleep tracker also helps at bedtime. Recommend

It is a great way of interacting with our kids and reinforcing the importance of being physically active. Great job

Why can't the junior be added under the Garmin Connect app? Would make managing mine and my child's devices easier under the one app. love it

My son loves this app. He is very motivated by the adventure feature after hitting his 60 minute activity goal. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because syncing is often quite a long process. It would be nice if it could sync on its own throughout the day. Muito bom!

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