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Nice simple app, but NEEDS the ability to change the colour of the hours as they stay white and disappear on light backgrounds, restricting the images that can be used. Pretty good

I wish we had more choice of fields, like with the standard built in watch faces of the watches. I'd like to use the watch faces ive designed with the app but find them lacking in information. Great potential though with a few additions,but the development seems to have remained stagnant from my person customers point of view for quite some time. Very much looking for an update from Garmin. Not bad

Should be able to change all the numbers on the watch face, not just minutes and date. White is very hard to see. Otherwise good concept, but more choices should be available. Just wow

Love this app but would love my pictures to be as strong and bright as they preview on phone. Look washed out on watch face and make it hard to read... Also would love to be able to change hour also not just minutes to another colour... More face customizing options please. Elegant options... This app has so much potential.... Great!

Basic application, photo is nice touch. Any chance to have a digital clock featuring seconds and a date display? Works great

Very basic app that has potential but really needs new features. More colour options for the watch numbers would be good. Also it's weird that you can only change the colour of the minutes and month. I'd like to be able to change the colour of them all. The face I made looked great on the app but once synced to my watch it was very washed out. Time for an app update Garmin! 5 star

Its ok but needs to be able to customize more. Currently only able to change the colour of the minutes not hours and also would prefer a DD/MM option and not just an MM/DD and to be able to change the day and month colour too. This could be a fantastic app with a few upgrades so hopefully can be more customizable in the future Highly Recommend.

I like the fact that you can change the watch face but it doesn't have all the watches like it says. Ex. The Forerunner 35 Garmin watch which is the one I have. love it

Wish there was more colors to choose from, and wish I could change the color of the full time not just half the numbers. love it

Would love to be able to change the colours of all the numbers of the clock, and the preview is nothing like what ends up on the watch. If you don't pick a dark colour it is difficult to see the numbers. Fabulous!

The app is very basic. I would like to see Garmin improve this app with more choices for font sizes, colors, and clock hands. Works perfectly

It is fun, but clunky to use. I had to sync via bluetooth and by Garmin Express before the face was available. Also, it would be nice to have a clock at the bottom instead of in the photo,s face. Not bad

Can you add functionality to change the font size of the numbers that display the time? Recommend

Ok app but very basic. It lacks customization options like more fonts, colors. It would be nice to have data fields or allow the watch face to be customised on the device Perfect

Worked fine for a while. But since latest update there seems to be a virus embedded somewhere. I tapped the icon to change my face display on my watch and all of a sudden my SD card gets completely erased (losing years worth of memories and music) and my phone resets to out of the box status. Look into it please. No one should have to experience that. Must have

Garmin vivoactive 3. Nice to be able to make my own face but needs a few more options. Why is black not a color option for numbers? and why only the minutes change and not hour as well? Strange choice. Quality of pics is limited. Not sure if thats the watch ability or program but seems as if it should be able to pixelate pic better judging by other frames on watch. Some of the graphs and lettering are pretty fine. love it

Adding pictures works well, however unable to customize much more, would love to be able to add weather and other items. Fantastic

Its ok but would benefit from more customization options. Also it wont let me colour the hours. Needs some work. Worth it!

This app works for my dads watch but with my Garmin forerunner 35 it doesn't have it on the list, can you please add it. Cheers 5 star

It says there is no watch available but I have the Garmin Connect app and I am connected to my watch (Garmin Epix). Any Ideas? Great job

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