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Eye candy and also useful functionality. I get the impression that the developers wanted fancy graphics more than just the right functionality. It is possible to edit activities to correct mistakes or to add data, but it is not always apparent that your data has been accepted. The activity icon will not change when you change the activity type. I miss multiple selections, so that the same change could be made to several items. Swiping feels inconsequent so I do not know what to expect every time. I am happy for this app, no doubt, but I still wish more usability. Marvelous

Used 735xt for the past half year and worked great. However starting from a few days before (probably due to the latest app update) the syncing clashed, where i synced 2 activities in a time, and only the 1st one appeared in the garmin connect. Tried resyncing and reconnecting for 30mins and it still couldnt work. The green circle which shd indicate the completion of syncing also didnt appear. Plz fix it thanks Updated comments: very efficient maintenance work, good job! 5 star

Pretty good app, with a good UI. I tend to use it to sync my runs to Strava and it does that well. I have two criticisms: 1) seems to lose connectivity with the watch so I don't get all the notifications; 2) when you install a new app to your phone it automatically gives it consent to send smart notifications to my watch. I'd rather have the option to either disable this feature or be prompted next time I open up Connect to specify my choice love it

The app's accuracy is a problem. For example it say I worked out for 2hours 50minutes last week. When I manually add up the time it's just over 5 hours. Some days when I do stairs it's right on, some days I can do stairs all day and it says I've done 6. Steps are good though, most everything else is random Amazing!

The interface is good; better in fact than Fitbit's app. The problem is that the app forces your phone or tablet to stay on, even when the screen is off. It's constantly monitoring notifications, etc. and syncing with the vivosmart. This causes a huge power drain; my Moto G went from needing to be recharged every other day to recharging twice a day. Connect was using 25+% of my phone charge and nothing I did, like shutting off BT or turning off notifications helped in anything more than a superficial way. Recommend

Overall pretty happy with this app, although it seems to be missing a few features which would make it 5 stars for me: 1) the app only syncs to my vivoactive 3 when I open it. It would be nice to have the app pull updates at a periodic interval that I can specify. 2) more watch faces from Garmin would be great! 3) the ability to challenge users of other apps like Fitbit to steps challenges would be great. This is currently not possible. 4) ability to customize watch screens further, to see heart rate constantly, for instance. Marvelous

App worked perfectly with Samsung S5. Now have Samsung A5 and can't connect! I have Vivosmart 3 - Please help! I've re-installed app, turned off & on bluetooth, tried to connect from phone & device but nothing works! Perfect

Pairing is hit or miss - the most frustrating part of the device. Never sure what finally makes it work. Would like it if could use it to customize the workout types (e.g. yoga) but not sure if that's a "con" of the app or the device itself. Highly Recommend.

So far so good. Is there a way to change the wrist strap when it breaks? I had that issues before and never was given an answer from customer service. Other than that the device works well for me. Amazing!

Edit: Music controls are gone now too? WHY ARE YOU MAKING THINGS WORSE? Why are you screwing with the notifications?!? First the icons on my watch are all the same, now with this last update YOU CHANGED THE APPS I SET. Boo! I don't need to know about every email but it was turned on, and the work messaging app I use was turned off. You are not making this part better. STOP IT. Like the new layout much better. Needs better badges -- I don't get total step badges ever, never seen one for # of workouts or anything. Not very motivating. Challenges don't always work. Sometimes I am in 1st yet don't move up. Sometimes I go way past # of steps and don't move up either. Don't get it. So frustrating because I love the vivosport. Omg

Pretty dissapointed my music controls dont work anymore i want the default music setting back. Even when i open spotify on my phone as soon as i want to skip a song on my watch it oppens Oppo music... Noone stores music on their phones anymore.. Cant seem to get any support as forums are useless. Have emailed garmin with no reply. Flawless

This program connected for the first 3 months and them started to say I was walking when I was I was travelling in the car...Then it would not sync. Then it will not see the viviofit even though my phone and when pairing it says it is connected but it still says it can not be found ????? Review. 2.5 years later. I needed to put a new band on my Vivofit2 and decided to have another go at setting this program up with a new account (new email) and for some reason the program and hardware are now talking to each other and performing well. I have not needed to change the battery in my Vivofit2 as yet so it has run for well over 2 years. Must have

It would be great if you put emphasis on achieving goals. For example, make the 1 hour move reminder into a goal like in Fitbit's app. In addition, I can only see my goals in the web app but not in the mobile app which is a big miss. The insights aren't really all that useful, they pop up rarely and it's like there are only 4-5 insights - about the sleep patterns, when I'm moving more than usual, when I'm on a goal streak etc. I need them to be more motivational and inspiring. LG Health is much better in this respect. Marvelous

It does a pretty good job displaying data in a concise format. Easy to use - when it works. Latest update broke Bluetooth connectivity. Support doesn't seem to know what's going on. Will give another star if they fix this. UPDATE: Another update enabled connection via Bluetooth, but only when I power down the Forerunner completely and power back up. That's something, I guess. Getting better. UPDATE 16 March 2018: Connect will no longer display my weight in My Day. Not a big deal, but it's kind of annoying. You can still see your weight by digging through the health stats menus. UPDATE 22MAR2018: The weight issue has been fixed. Weight now displays properly. Works perfectly

Pairing my vívoactive HR was needlessly difficult. My phone and device would not pair, even after toggling Bluetooth on both phone and device. I even power cycled the device and did a full reset. I manually paired the device in Android’s Bluetooth settings. Finally success! On the plus side, the Android version is able to access my weight data, something the Windows 8.x/10 PC and Mobile versions mysteriously lost the ability to do after one of the app updates. Hoping Garmin's app QA is better on the Android app. Cool

Upgraded to 4 Star since the loss of the 'Weight' card which I reported has been resolved, and it has now returned. The user interface upgrade in 2017 was a great improvement and far more user friendly. Thank you, Garmin. Good

Connectivity between Huawei P10 and my Vivosport works great so they seem to have finally fixed the bluetooth issue with Huawei! The climbed stairs tracking is not very reliable (doesn't seem to count most stairs..) but the other stats are great, and the automatic activity detection is spot on so far. Would like an 'export as PNG' for workout stats to easily share and there could be several more watchfaces, like time+date+heartrate/stress combined. Also, the battery level of the watch would be nice to see in the app somewhere. Go well

Needless to say it's a really nice app, designed in a clear style which is comfortable to view. However these days I have suffered from several connecting problems, hoping to be solve as soon as possible! Thanks a lot! It's a nice app! Worth a go!

Very good app. Does what it says on the tin. Only gripe is it has no idea when I'm sleeping or awake. Tends to think I sleep for 8 - 9 hours a night when the reality is rarely more than 7. Good for recording runs and works well with Strava. Just wow

For fitness purposes this application is behind the competition because it depends on the MyFitnessPal app to create fitness goals and log food. And this extra app is crippled unless one pays a monthly fee. I would like to see the Garmin Connect app integrate these missing features so that it does not force the use of some third-party app for fitness purposes. Good

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