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One of the best games that I play daily. Loving the updates, but I think there's a couple other things that would greatly improve the game. 1) A way to earn coins faster, like starting higher than 50. 2) Earn stars faster, depending on how many coins you get. For example, 50-60 coins gets 1 star, 61-70 gets 2 stars, 71+ gets 3 stars. Also would be great if mini games earned you stars as well. 3) The cost of bonuses and boosts are insanely expensive. And 4)Take the stupid coins off the daily spin, because they are rarely useful (or at least raise the amounts of them... 150 coins isn't going to do much when everything costs at least 900 coins to get.) Flawless

I really enjoy this game! It's relaxing and fun, I love gardening and gives me idea for my future real garden! The characters are full of life and the developers gave them nice an particular personalities! Really nice! ****EDIT**** every now and then there are videos for free credits. I tap on it and a grey image starts flashing and the "video" closes and I get no credits. This is a real bummer because everything is so expensive in the game that I cannot advance at all now that the levels are getting very complicate. Please fix! Brilliant

The game starts off easy and fairly fun. Super addictive. Then you reach higher levels... and the fun factor vanishes. But you are addicted now. If you can just win this one level and get that star to finish work in the garden. Nope! Not without real money or an insane amount of wasted time. Save your money and your sanity. Do not download this game. Marvelous

There are too many pop ups. It gives you the option to not see the scoreboard for the fireworks competition but even if you say no, you're still forced to watch him set up and the scoreboard pops up each time you beat a level. If I wanted to see it, I would open it myself. Highly Recommend.

I love the game. I am level 280 and i am not planing to stop. BUT. When you advertise something that we can buy (THE SAFE for exemple) would be fun to specify that you buy the content of the safe. Not the safe. I wouldn't have spent 5$ for 5000coins.... would have been better if you sold the safe like it was said Pretty good

Fun game, nice balance between the puzzles and the tasks. The characters are cute, good graphics. I do really like it, the ONLY thing that drives me nuts though is that you have no option in settings to turn off the 'hints' when your playing the puzzle. You only have a few seconds to figure things out for yourself before it is persistently suggesting a move, and for me that is kind of obnoxious. Some people may like the app constantly telling them what move to make, but it would be nice to have a choice. Would give 5 stars if we did. Worth a go!

The concept is great. The game is fun for sure. However the reward for playijg is low. You barely get through remodelling any part of the gardens after hundreds of levels. Some levels are way too unreasonable, where if you dont pay, itll take you 50 trys to get through. Otherwise, the game is beautiful. Surprisingly

Kinda slow, but it's an alright game. Needs ways to earn extra lives instead of having to pay, and would be nice to get more then 1 Muito bom!

Fair enough game but many levels virtually impossible to complete without buying boosters. The worst part of this game is the vines and the honey levels. Your trying to make progress only to see it eaten away. Not going to stay with game unless improvements are made as this game used to be fun but not anymore. Great job

PlayRix is so good at making games colorful and lighthearted, and Gardenscapes is no exception! I was instantly addicted after I unlocked the second area of my growing garden, and you will be too! Also the kids will love it with all the different kinds of levels there are to play along with the challenges. Watching Austin go about his duties is fun and he always says new and different things to keep any player entertained. Could not say enough good things about this game! Awesome

It can seem like some levels are too hard . Or almost impossible like you don't get enough moves to complete. Then you keep playing and all of a sudden the game drops the right colors. And you beat it with lots of moves left over. Can't wait to see what all the gardens have .Love it! Fantastic

I used to love this game but anymore there is ALWAYS something going on. The electric shows run back to back. Now there's the whole safe thing that you can't even open by winning, you still have to pay for it no matter how many levels or coins you win. AND the daily spin. The only helpful is the spin; everything else just clogs the screen. wow lol

Love this game, so very addicting!! Wish lives regenerated quicker. Also when you beat a level and win unlimited lives for a period of time, if you could choose when that goes into effect. There's been times I win the unlimited lives and can't use it because I'm at work on break or doing something at home. Not bad

Relatively easy to pick up and put down. It's like other match 3 games, but you can do cosmetic stuff with the garden as well and change it on a whim. It doesn't sound like much, but looking at the areas you've completed once you're done is pretty satisfying! Muito bom!

I like playing this game a lot, and I can now easily give it 5 stars because the developers have listened to the feedback that has been given over the year. It's a perfect way to relax for a while after a long day at work. Levels are well-planned out - one hard level for every few less difficult ones, which makes the challenging ones worth struggling through. Story line is cute and interesting. Garden is lovely... Love this game, developers! (Update: I just upgraded my phone, was on level 1100+, and lost all my progress :( I'm starting over, though - I love this game!) Perfect

Incredibly sweet, calming and beautiful to look at. The music is great and it's simple without being too easy or boring. Even the little social media updates are nice, and I haven't had any bugs (well, except bark beetles). If I could give more stars I would wow lol

I Love Gardenscapes and It Is Fun Way to Be Creative. A Recent Update has Made it Definitely Better. The Support Team Has Been Exceptional With Quick Responses and Answers! There is Room for Improvement in the Amount of Coins Obtained in Completing Tasks, as Well as Eliminating Repetitious Tasks Requiring More Moves. Worth it!

Love the game! Would have given 5 stars..... but it's frustrating that when you get to a certain level, they make you look for keys (that do nothing) for 5 or 6 days, and it doesn't count toward your goals. It's stupid that you can only play for a few hours a week toward your goals! love it

Best game ever!! Today I hit the jackpot for the second time, booyahhh. I may not play everyday & then il have a constant few hours. But it's the only app Il never remove when I need space on my phone. And as for the graphics, they're the best I've seen out of every other app game. Well done team⭐ Well done!!

Great fun game. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because you go through your money pretty quick buying boosts to win levels to then upgrade your garden. I like the game a lot. Also I think that at the end of your board if you have undetonated items they should detonate at the end of that level. I've lost too many levels because of not getting one item that was next to something that was undetonated. Works perfectly

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