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I don't know what you did to the game but I never had problems with it before. I have to stop using game house games. I have a new tablet, I should not be having issues. Nothing let's you tap correctly. Perfect!

Love this genre of games but find the controls on this one frustrating at times. Not being able to select which flower go grow because of being too close to the top of the screen, or selecting boosts as things are too close to the bottom. Add to that the fact that I cannot get the bonus on level 26 mix up the crowd whatever combination I try and it all gets a bit frustrating. Managed to finish the game with gold and bonus where applicable on every other level though so could be worse. Not bad

Fun game but for me level 44 won't let me get to the upper level. Would rate higher if I could complete. Go well

The touch controls don't work! It would be a great game, if the touch interface responded easier. You have to keep hitting the screen to get some sort of response. Please fix this, and then the game will be excellent! wow lol

It's an enjoyable game, but I purchased the full game and I can't pass level 44 because of a game glitch. From what I have read it is a very common one so I would like a fix or a refund. Cool

Issue on lol 44 I cannot tap the fumerol in the top left corner and there for cannot complete the level or the game. Playing on a huawei p9 with the latest Android is Awesome

I paid the extra for the entire game and when my profile locked up, the only way I could play is to create a new profile, which wiped out my purchase! Now if I want to play more than the first few levels again, I need to pay again. Not cool! Great job

Great game but can never earn enough money to buy all the extras you have to purchase. It's very frustrating. Pretty good

I like the game but... I tap and tap on an object and nothing happens and then I run out of time before I can finish. Very aggravating! Marvelous

Great Game, But I love the game but there is one very small problem...The Farm times it seems to far away when trying to get a goal finished, making it impossible to beat the clock. Is there any way to move the truck as goals are accomplished or maybe slowing down the clock just a tad. It would help alot. Omg

Keeps shutting down on level 13. This game is really fun but I cannot even tap on the lever number without it shutting down, now I can't play a game that I payed money for!! wow lol

Paid for this game and i planted the 3 flowers, it showing i planted 2 and alot of things are just shining. I tap on things and nothing happens. Game froze and now i can't get a refund. Fix this or i will just except my loss. love it

Gardens inc. Lovely but u don't manage it properly... Stops at lvl 50... Lots of people unhappy as I read the other reviews! Do u care enough to fix it?! Worth a go!

Great game but... Love this game but on the lg g2, on level 44 I can't get to the upper garden...having issues clicking on the path to fix it....I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times and still can't get it to work Well done!!

I would give it 5* if certain levels weren't so glitchy. I hate having to tap the screen 5 times just to have the game respond. Highly Recommend.

Level 44 I would have given this game 5 stars but i am unable to access level 44 upper garden.. Cannot complete or move forward..please fix. Great job

Fun Fun game but the touch sensitivity is a bit off. Have to click a few times on some things before it will tick. Fabulous!

Had a slight problem. But persisted and it worked. Nice way to pass time and challenging paths to work through. Brilliant

Love it!!!!! I truley love this game! Its challenging and good fun and keeps me going back for more! I have had no issues with the game at all so far! Love it!!!!

Addictive hard to quit playing, even when you pass a level, you have to go back to get gold

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