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Everything I have to re-download the general I have lost all my data and have to start at level 1 again... that sucks.. otherwise I like the game... Enjoy it!

Having issues as of today 9/24/16. Game wont open. Dont want to uninstall/re-install due to the level Im on. Will lose all the progress I've made Perfect!

Very bad stock in 10 days on 1 level not fun.why is this stupid game not on fcb? Just wow

Great Game There's no score, and I can't connect with facebook. I will try a few more times, then I will uninstall love it

Having fun Enjoy playing everyday. I play at least once a day. Can be frustrating sometimes though. I'd say down load it. wow lol

Its kinda neat, seems to be working ok and only like 4 ad pop ups up untill level 9 . Works great

Great game. If only I could figure out what to do with the ducks! I'm at a standstill cos I have no idea how to get rid of em >.< Great job

Won't load Every time I try to play it says it has stopped won't load fix the issue please or I'll delete it Worth it!

Addictive I'm not usually a game player but this game has me hooked. I just have to play it everyday!

I liked country style best Please bring back the countryside background, it was really cute. I was appalled to see this new background after the latest update.

Liking it so far I have only just downloaded it and so far it is really fun to go onto different levels.

Meh On level 5 is said 'cear the mud' which i know meant clear the mud but I just needed to tell you, anyway the game itself is good

[email protected] Nice Game but sometimes we have to play some levels so many times to reach the final target or to complete the level. Also the coins received when you finish the level are too less. Shortage of coins makes the game too difficult to complete each levels. Not bad

Level 10 It's great til level 10. I can't get 64 on the yellow. It seems impossible. Ready to delete the game and move on to a different one. Worth it!

Does a lot of unexplained things It is frustrating, there isn't anything that explains why certain fruits start flashing periodically, what am I to do? Why do my attempted moves just get ignored at times? Why will it force me to use a tool w/o any info on when / how I can use it later. I'd like to "buy a vowel" please! Maybe it would make more sense. Many games force help, this one never offers it. Fabulous!

Challenging and fun This game adds more variables and challenging levels. More to offer than candy crush etc... Perfect!

Garden fever This game is so much fun and very addictive game finding it very hard to put it down. or shut it down =) Surprisingly

Garden Fever I did rate it and said nice things about it ,how people would like playing it at any age, and with their little ones. But you made me rate it again. So I deleted what I wrote and started all over again. So I hope your happy now, because I'm not going to do it again. wow lol

For the others complaining.. Just turn off your WiFi on your tablet before playing it and the ads won't be there Perfect

Garden fever game Cute game matching vegetables and fruits. Great puzzle game. Good graphics and puzzle plot twists. Go well

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