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Great game! Fun to play and is always active. The fun never stops and it is a fast playing game! Definitely recomend it to others! The only thing is maybe add some more characters with different weapons get a little boring after a while. Maybe add levels where you level up and unlock characters I think that would be great. Overall a fabulous game! ;) Not bad

I love the game, though I do have a problem connecting to the server. Update: It's been a long time since I made this update, and I STILL have issues connecting to the server. I haven't seen any new updates or anything. What's wrong? Update: Jesus Christ on a pike, how long is it going to take you bastards to get the damn game fixed? I've been totally unable to play the game no matter what I do, from re-installing it to turning it off and on again or anything. It. Doesn't. Work. Just wow

So, the game is good. TF2 is hard to translate to 2D, but this is a good example. My main problem is the almost constant softlocks. Also, maybe add a sensitivity bar? I know you guys get that question a lot, but it would improve rating. Overall, 7/10. Muito bom!

Well, it's actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it.... The controls are kinda hard to use but everything else is okay. It would be nice if you could add a local part of the multiplayer-- if the multiplayer would even work! The item shop won't load either... please fix it Flawless

I love the game, but, unfortunately, the multiplayer does not work, neither does the weapon store. I hope that you can fix this in the future, I am on a motog5, for reference. I think that the A.I will keep me busy though, it's pretty good A.I, not too hard, not too easy. I will have a fun experience with this game, and, really, I would give this game a 5 star, so please work on the bug But I don't think we'll ever hear you again. You haven't updated the app in 1 and a half years. Thanks love it

Loved the game But ,i suppose still needs work , there are no medpacks or amo boxes . So if ur out of amo u have to go all the way back to ur spawn but sometimes u cant reach the spawn (because of the map ) ... so ur basically dead and it would be great if engies could place dispensers and we could chat in game. I love tf2 and to find this , is amazing . Flawless

Would have been 5 stars if the game didn't go to a black screen every time an ad popped up. And the only way to stop ads from popping up is to pay money for a hat. (Sounds like TF2 already XD) So basically its pay to play properly. But besides that the game is entertaining, fun, and is just the 2D version of my favorite game, TF2. 4/5 (^o^)b Just wow

Nice reference to tf2, but gets old after only being able to play 2 maps. So many ads. On the payload map, whenever you got an ad, the game would freeze and i would have to restart. The ai ranges from being almost too easy to being completely perfect. Muito bom!

This game is ok but what makes me mad is the bot because in the bomb mode, when we were almost to the final checkpoint the bot that was pushing with me just walked away from the bomb and the bomb fell backward and i die from enemy bot , then we lost. Would you please make the bot smarter alittle or fix this. Thank you. And also to can you add few more player and bot limit like 2 or 4 more. Fantastic

In my opinion, this game is good, or ok, but has the potential to be so much better and much more than this! Oh, god. So what this game needs is less ads, or paid game, rebalances for singleplayer, new main screen, tutorial, more maps, more gamemodes, network connection fixes, better class selection screen, more class abilities, unpaid loot crates for weapons, an ACTUAL single player story, and LOTS of other stuff. I highly suggest you fix the ads, and network connections as your first priority, since the majority of people in other reviews have said that the network connection didn't allow them to play multiplayer, or look at their items. Also, less ads or paid game, because most crashes in my time playing this are due to ads trying very hard to load, then immeadiately failing. If these standards are met, I may give a positive updated review. Amazing!

Alright. I really wanna give Gang Fort 5 stars. I really do. But it pisses me off beyond words when I get literally one ad in-game and the whole thing crashes. I dont know if this is just me, but it needs to be fixed. Awesome

The app is awesome! I love the retro vibe and the variety! But the reason why I gave it a 4 stars is because there's a lot of glitches. You can't do multiplayer, and whenever an ad plays, the app just stops. Hopefully you guys can fix it soon Pretty good

Great game! The tf2 mechanics are well implemented the side scrolling gameplay is well compensated. I would like to note, however, the I am having issues on my device with this game. I can't do multiplayer because of some sort of bug or glitch. Would like to see this fixed. Also give the medic a bone saw and the heavy a sandvich ;) Enjoy it!

I really like what the game is trying to do but I feel like the classes are rather unbalanced. The "Agent" class could use a buff in my opinion. Maybe like faster knife swing speed because that class gets killed so easily and the fact it takes a second for it to pop hurts in game like this. That and I kinda wish the movement controls were better. Other than those few things, it's alright. Has a lot of potential. Don't give up on this game devs. Worth it!

When i play this game there's always add when playing the game, i know. But everytime the adds pop up on my screen, i tried to close the add and then BOOM!. The game freezest. Also there's alot of inapropriate add, so devs please fix this. thx Muito bom!

Nice parody of TF2, but guys, don't go too far with that, when it comes to online play, since I had enough of that from original game. "Can't connect to item server", "Can't connect to online play". Just. Fix it. Also it crashes when I press the "renew" button on item screen. Oh, and movement controlls are an issue as well, could you make them into a d-pad or something? And maybe add a separate jump button? Amazing!

I personally love platform with matching retro.. but The controls sucks.. it takes a lot of time to master the control... I download this game for like 10 times... I always check if they already fix the problem.. The best way to improve the gameplay is separate the jump button and add sensitivity in the settings.. Great job

I LOVE IT but I get the lowest rank but I have many kill in this game.And why Camper have no machete,Marine have no shovel, Rusher no have baseball bat,and Builder no have wrench to upgrade his sentry and he has no many sentry to be more beautiful this game,and Agent no have second life.And I can't make any server,pls. better update next time and pls. give free the items on the store and pls fix this bug to RATE 5 STAR but I love this game thank you. Perfect

Why servers down (Russian Federation)? And make ad in respawn time (in this moment, after ending ad game down). And make, please, all secondary and melee weapons. And also make mode "control point" (I think map "Egypt" good for this). But, this project is good! And can you upgreade engineer (f.e.: teleports, dispensers, 1-2-3 sentry levels)? love it

It's only 4 because only 3 maps. Everything else is great! Keep having the content coming! Plus the ai! So little apps have ai and this shows how much potential it has! The ai is so good! Edit: now it's only 3 stars because only 2 maps. When bomb has a ad and it ends the screen goes black and if you have to restart the game. Every time. Very dissapointed. Superb!

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