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It's not good but not bad either it does need a lot of work were u heal after every round and u can continue from were u ended instead of the start and it needs a lot more work but I'm not the creator so I can't do it but if I could it would be the best game ever Cool

The game is ok but add more levels and make things like online multiplayer or create your own level. Great!

I mean this game is ok but they could probably add more maps and different players and online modes and secret passwords for cheat codes and stuff like that Awesome

U guys are mean U know when u hate this game he work so hard on this he made it for us so I give 5stars to make u Highly Recommend.

The best game ever I love this game and i like to nock out evrey dody Pretty good

I love this game This game is like gang beast so so cool that said they dont likenthis game beacuse there rabbish and stupid so thats why just d the better way good way Awesome

Love it best ever I love this game best ever I saw people like ihascupqack and her husband play it's funny Well done!!

Shut up guys its fun You guys think it sucks but its fun well i have not played it but you guys suck and never go to play store no more because you guys are so dumb Fabulous!

I don't know I don't know i really actually don't even have the game yet but I just hope its AWESOME!!!!!! Flawless

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