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Best game hacker but.. It can't hack online games like CLASH OF CLAN ohhhhh my favorite. I hack it but it turns onto normal if you attack or attacking .My gems are 999999999 thanks to game guardian but like I said it turns back to normal.FIX IT Pretty good

Yes it works I'm search in yt for days and I'm only need now is this app good app! :-) :-) :-) Worth a go!

It ok It didn't show the water mark like it did a long time ago I have root I know I even used root checker well that's the problem no water mark to hack Works great

KingRoot For yall people that cant root your device with "King-o-Root" king root,this app will root you 100% 2 ways to find it: 1. Search up The Android Guy and find the link in one of the videos called "how to root your device simple. Or easy" and click. The link in the desc. 2. Search it up on google "KingRoot Download Link" 100% works Garented Omg

Working just fine Morons shouldn't be allowed to rate and comment. If you don't even know what root is, don't even bother. People clamoring "I have root" are proof that they have no clue. Anyhow, working just fine on my rooted Galaxy S6 5.1.1 with Xtrestolite custom rom. Tested on Skyforce 2014 for stars and had maxed within seconds. This app requires patience to learn if it's your first time. Once you learn how to find values and change them, it gets easier =) Flawless

Its Works 100% If you don't have root go to google and search "king root free download" or search it on YouTube Great job

Some games won't be hacked correctly. I try'd to hack a few games and it worked. But when I hack certain games like deer hunter, it keeps the money then when I try to buy something error accurrs. Great!

I love it You cant use this app if you dont have root cause this app requires root and also root can only install in androids not in ios :) (continuation) in getting the root you just need to install kingo root . but maybe kingo root isn't working in jellybean i dont know why :( Superb!

Works great This works for lollipop 5.0 devices where game hacker fails! However it is very confusing sometimes Awesome

UNDESCRIBABALE!!!!! OMG if any1 says this app is bad... Than he is himself the most worst creature in the world Must have

I've got 255 score cheating of this app. Best app cheat for basketball messenger. Now they telling me that im a master basketball player in messenger. Amazing!

Please help The app is fine but the instructions are not clear enough and the results are unexpected. I'm trying to get more gems on shark evolution. So I put the value of it and enter it. Then these bunch of letters and numbers apears. So confused. Please help me. Great!

5.1 android lollipop I will give you 5stars if you will give me a video this new version my cp already rooted reply me plz Worth it!

Great app Been using game killer and game changer but was removed from play store and this perfectly replace them maybe even better Cool

Was able to hack anything U can hack clash of clans all you have to do is put in auto or dword and type in the amount of money u have then type in your max amount Superb!

Love it I wish there where 1000stars I hacked my sonic runners in time mode thanks to u guys Just wow

This. May lost in commens I gave five stars because I wanted to tell that it don't work with most online games. You can use for simple online games. This do work,but first you have to root your device. Just install kingroot .apk from your browser and root it. Only then it will work.!!!!Enjoy!!!! Go well

Long time ago, I use SB Game Hacker. I thought it was the best hacking tool but then ever since I updated my phone to lollipop, it no longer works until I found this miraculous app. Thanks!!!!!!.... Brilliant

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