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Very good game.. Everything is basically the same as moonbase so it is a very good replacement. One thing that made moonbase so great was the helium consumption that the units took.. Can you guys please add unit consumption so the game could be more aggressive and interesting. Much appreciated. Must have

Protection is only supposed to be for limited amount of time I don't reason with this population protection thing going on. Another bad thing is the Helium death not being there... I mean this makes the game entirely boring there is nothing forcing me to attack other bases coz my units won't die. Lame admin lame. I don't care if other players fear h3 death but it's what made the game exciting and you changed the whole point of the game. Fabulous!

Great app just like it was on mxit. I just can't seem to buy GC's with airtime Worth a go!

Awesome game for casual and full time players with a brain, you be a top player without any in app purchases, nice fair gameplay strategy game! Fantastic

Admin please upgrade this game and try add graphics on the troops and buildings. Not bad

TBM here.. Add some icons or some graphics in this game. It's been like 2 years and it's exactly the same as MXit. Well done!!


game is good .. but still your officers have ties with in game players that's being granted special privileges .. stop that and then we might talk about the rest ;) Superb!

There needs to be a new slower server not everyone wants to play the fast server and the slow one the players are to big to allow new players Just wow

As someone who loved moonbase, I'd say this game is a pretty good replacement Flawless

4 star because the home page was not attractive.... i mean put some images for rader shipyard ext... it will look good and put some tutorials for beginners mean what to do in starting or else notify to check help ... it was wonderful game lots of features but not attractive that's it :) Good

Turns out... This game is pretty good... Can you please make sure that as soon as S3 ends.... You can start a new one in less than a week... It's pretty exhausting to wait so long (like in September) and I'm sure that's how you lose players... Especially since no one can play s1 and s2 (too many old established players) Pretty good

If you never played moonbase on mxit it will take you a while to get the hang of the game and how it works but its worth playing. Great!

Server 3 said to start during September... Well September seems to be running out of days and server ain't start yet... Give us actual dates instead of "Hopefully" Go well

My notifications only comes through now and again even if all settings are correct as set per help options Works great

This game is golden !! More or less it can be called a legendary game made a cumback Well done!!

It is a good game and the game play is good i will just say they must make the competitions i little more interesting and set up the prizes more but i will say it the best text game ever Go well

Ive played gw from the start and enjoy it still after many years. The game itself is fun but the way admin accomodates problems and problem players is wrong cause those players is killing the game. Also plz remove alot of the new features that has been added to the game. Admin needs to be consistent thru out the game which is not the case. But overall a game which tests ur skills. Just wow

It's a game with a lot of words but it's really fun and also very cool because it's an unusual game. Fabulous!

I loved playing Moonbace on Mixit way back when. It's great to play it again on Android. This game is just amazing even if I don't do so good. Worth every moment. Go well

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