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These developers have really come a long way in past two years. I didn't like the idea of not being able to move turret vertical. Then they make a gem called 'Tank Force' and I quickly realized "vertical auto aim" is a good thing! I have full faith and support in EXTREME DEVELOPERS, thanks for your hard work... wow lol

Very nice game. Future patches can improve on faster upgrades, ammunition discharge effects, campaign play, etc. Pretty good

Not bad but could be easier to get silver and actually see what ur upgrades do to ur tank. Superb!

This is the coolest future tank game I every played in my life the looks of the tanks are hard core awesome. Pretty good

This game is awesome, I was playing tank strike but like this one better thank you Worth a go!

Great game the maps could use a little bit of work for smoother gameplay but overall it is a great game Works great

It's a nice game to play when I don't got much to do because I use to go over at my Neighbors house to play the game Fabulous!

Liked the game but would love to see hovering/flying tanks as a buyable option. Would also love to see transformable tanks and transformable craft (e.g. jets). Great job

Its really good but the server keeps cutting out and you cant get the match win bonus but if the server was fixed its a great game smooth controlls and good graphics Not bad

Why is it dropping out every match I've got perfect service your losing me matches Worth a go!

The game is one of the best that I have ever played. But there is on big problem: I keep getting disconnecting to the server. We have a strong wifi connection and it often happens when it's like 1 min left in the arena. Plus, when the victory-defeat menu shows up, it says I flee the battle. And, I don't get any reward. So I'm literally wasting my time, effort, fuel, and my phone's battery to a match that disconnects me from the server without getting any reward. I never even touched the leave battle button. Fix dis pls Well done!!

It is nice to see that developer has replied most of reviews. The graphics r good but wish that controls were better love it

Runs smoother then other tank games ! Need a good internet connection to play but good time waster :) Highly Recommend.

Great game and one thing is the aiming system. If you could give us a look up down all around thing that would be cool.☺☺☺ Enjoy it!

This Game is Very Awesome And all Tank. Is So Futured And I like the graphics and. controllers And All VIP Tank Is So Awesome. Highly Recommend.

I think it's just my phone it can't do dual controls at same time . Other than that Awesome Worth it!

Connection keeps dropping and I have a strong signal,keeps dropping have to uninstall but good game. 5 star

Its a realy fun game but it crashes a lot and can you make the controles abit easier . Alvoral fun game Fantastic

I think it needs to be able to add guns different guns other than just the top tank. Cuz if that can happen to be really freaking cool man Brilliant

Good fun and you can actually play for free..but of course it takes time and cash to build a winning tank. Teamwork is good and wish the build times were shorter as well as the battles were slightly longer. But great game.. Marvelous

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