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fixed it for the steam version of fsx gold after contacting the dev of the app to let him know that steam now sells a version of fsx gold he made a new installer for the server and it works great

Great program! Great program. Allows me to see my position while taxiing much better then selecting F12 or looking at a map. Only wish it would also show other aircraft that are connected to VATSIM for more realism as well as accept flight plans from more then just PMDG and Level-D.

very useful take off, bung on the autopilot, then be able to go and cook the dinner whilst keeping track of your location. Fuel gauge would be good... and maybe airfield locations.

Works for Samsung Note 2 Even with settings maxed, works very well, with minimal frame rate impact. Compass off+12 KONT to KGJT FL150 IFR, speed by+1 knt, elevation accurate. Pretty cool for free app.

Nice app Works well, could use some more features, like the path flown, but since it is free, it is great

Best and free.! A wonderful application for any adroid phone user. Google map GPS tracking device.

#travel-guide Great App - Motorola Xoom! It is very nice to be able to see on the tablet a map of where you are. I really like the Flight Plan feature. This app works exactly as described. Highly recommend. Don't forget to download and install the server portion on you're PC where you run FSX. Easy to configure (Maybe a little technical but works great with all the defaults.) If you add some of the info from the GPS ( ETE, distance to Waypoint, etc) that would make the product even better. Any thoughts on an app that lets you change the radio? How about shows the avionics?

Amazing! You sir are amazing! there is another similar app but it costs $15!! And this is even better and its free! Thanks so much!. Recommend to take FsMovMap APK.

Thanks alot Great app so happy i found it. This app makes my flight simming experience even better and worth while

#live-wallpaper Possible add-in's?! Fantastic app, but could you add a label to show info such as aircraft type, departure/destination or even the Pilot's name etc (from IVAO/VATSIM)? Would also be great if you could see other traffic on their too! :-) Even without all of those, this is still a great app to see Google maps of where you are! :-)

This app helps you appreciate fsx so much more:-) I've just downloaded this app this morning and am running it on the Asus Transformer TF101, I have to say, it's amazing, really impressed with it. It would be even better though if you could also see other traffic, especially in Multiplayer, now that would make it a 6-star rating :)

You deserve a metal! This is truly amazing thank you very much for your time spent on this app to be honest I thought it was to good to be true but it really works easy to set up thank you again

Great Useful during a long flight. I can monitor the flight while not being in front of my PC.

Best FSX addon EVER! Literaly took 5 minutes to set up. Punched in the server IP in my phone, hit connect and bam. Instant moving map for fsx. Gonna put this on my tablet. Expect a donation soon.. Recommend to download FsMovMap APK.

Awesome First App I've ever rated, it is that good. Could be improved, but hats off for a great beginning, Thank you

Ace Had no problem with setting the app up. Just what I have been looking for. Hopefully you will surprise me with more awesome updates in the future.

#rain-or-shine? It's working beautifuly so easy only couldn't get the flight plan to show on ...! It's working beautifuly so easy only couldn't get the flight plan to show on the map

Not for me I did everything written on the website to achieve this but no luck. 1 star from me...

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