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Fun game for the kids mine will play pick this over some of the other violent games Well done!!

Its addicting. Draws you in and makes you determine to beat it. The colors could be little more bright. I'm partially color blind, the blue and purple look a lot a like to me. love it

The only game I have played that I love the ads. Each level a booster is available and the ads are short. Love it! Perfect

Love this its a good challenge but hate this radish level as it has that stupid face thing at the bottom of level so every time I finish veggie level all 48 levels I delete game n install again to do these levels all over again please get rid of that face thing on radish levels so I can complete game properly Highly Recommend.

I would give it a rating if I could play it 3 levels and watch a video and then it crashes restart tablet and the same happens please sort this out Omg

Enjoy the game but it keeps crashing after playing 3 levels you watch the videos after you played the level and it freezes I have to keep turning my tablet off please sort this out and I will give 5 stars Perfect!

I love a game that doesn't require waiting 20 minutes for your lives to replenish. Its nice to be able to continue on until i want to stop. WAY TO MANY ADS THO! Worth a go!

It's amazing and addictive,almost perfect. I'm just wondering why you are scoring each level if we don't do use it,i suggest adding some boosters when reaching certain scores because some levels are difficult …thanks :) Cool

The game is fantastic and I would not complain about adds They r in every game! In short its fun to play Brilliant

I like this game but I've been stuck at fruit paradise level 30 and it's making the game boring. Must have

Like the game but it glitches on me when it starts flashing my phone and next thing I know I lose 5 star

Too difficult on level 4-30 that is no logic. Unless is luckily if not then player will keeping stuck there. Cool

Brilliant game but stuck on 43 just can't seem to get passed - very frustrating Highly Recommend.

Love this game if had to reset my tablet back to when I got it so I lost a lot of my games but got it on again now tank god Must have

the game is fun. but there is advertisement pornografi can you blok it. because many childrens who have downloud and see that. tankyou. Flawless

I think it's a sweet fruti game, I liked it very much but sometimes these levels very harder to me. Marvelous

I liked it because instead of us play only it helps us very much and not only that it can devopleb our mind love it

Absolutely great game but no power ups to help out on difficult levels. Would have given 5 stars if not for that Worth it!

I liked it. Very addictive. Level4 - 30 is impossible to pass! Still haven't passed it Perfect!

It's all fun. The best thing about this game is graphics. I like the smoothness with which it moves on from one stage to the next as i go through every obstacle. Worth it!

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