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Very nice game for the kids. Helps to get them into thinking, analysing. Provides quality time together with my child. Quite relaxing. Muito bom!

Fun and challenging. Don't get tired of it. I wish there were more levels. Easy to focus on and read! Good

Ads too big at bottom. The ads that run across the bottom are too big. I zoom in to be able to see the tiles & because the ads are so big it either blocks the tiles or you hit the ad & it opens up. Make ads smaller. Will probably uninstall the game.

Fruit majong So far so good. I really like it, but there's no information on how it scores. How do you collect the points that you have earned. Why don't all of the fruits get colored in? Why are some of the locks opened? I don't have any answers for my grandchildren concerning these things.What is the meter on the side for. Please answer these questions.

Love it It's a great games, I love the original game, but this one has cute pictures on the tiles and it makes it even easy for a child to play which is nice when you have 3 kids with you under the age 6.

Not enough levels Great game. Like that there's easy, medium, hard; but only 15 levels each is not enough when you're trying to pass time. Will uninstall this one & hopefully find a company that has many levels. Pretty sad when I have to keep a list so that I know not to install the same games that I've completely beat.

Fruit Mahong Excellent graphics a little small to see each fruits. Easy to play on the 1st level. Now, I'm going back to the game.

It ZOOMS IN! I love that I can use this game with landscape orientation and that it ZOOMS IN! I've never had this type of game with zoom. You can also turn on and off the shade on the buried tiles. I dl this one for the small file size and less complicated tiles. The tiles are simple but complicated enough to be interesting. The raspberry & strawberry look similar. I'm happy. It's free, doesn't hog space and is suitable for its purpose.

Fruit Mahjong I found the tiles a bit difficult to see due to their size. I do still have a good time playing.

Seems ok Only just started playing this game, but it seems ok, clear pictures so easy to see. Not bad

So far so good. I have played other Making games on a desk top computer, this is the first game I have played on a tablet. Go well

Fun I like it but I just have too many Mahjongs installed. I'll probably get this one again, when I tire of the others. Worth it!

Relaxing Prefer to not have pop up ads but it's not a perfect world. Nice time waster for sure. Works great

Fruit Mahjong A fine innovation but the pictures could have been larger. Its sometime difficult to distinguish one fruit from another.

Fruit mahjong Absolutely fabulous, easily played in waiting rooms, keeps the mind busy and awake. Must have

3 STARS Would give it 5 because it's awesome! Easy to see & fun to play! 3 stars because I can't get out of it unless I restart my phone. Fix tgat & I will give 5! Good

Better than most Hate having to take time to enlarge tiles as soon as board appears, otherwise good Great job

Nice game Full time pass with less space occupied and more clear graphics with fruity images..

Mahjong fruit I love it! I have always loved mahjong,and this is such a fun change from the traditional tiles. More games please.

I love it I give is game1000 Thanks for your help in the morning and will have the opportunity for a while to get your free time

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