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Pointless and way too easy So you crush fruit and rack up points. At the same time you're given a goal, a score to beat. The problem is even on hard this game is so easy. I've racked up so many points I'm so far ahead of the score I need to beat. Meaning I always win.

Entertainment of kid This game is very interesting and set children's mind to achieve target in short time. Well done!!

Love it I love this game coz its challenging and a bit easy I'm on level 43 nearly on level44 Fabulous!

...a bit better than most... I'm liking this Fruit Crush game! It seems 2b a bit better than most other similar games for some reason.~ Personally, I like that even the easy setting doesn't jst let u that easy; just by clearing all the Fruit &/or jst cz of good timing. It makes u work a lil bit 2earn a high enough score 2move up2the next level. So, I think that entertains my OCD, [rather than irritating] which causes me2spend ALOT more time playing &Enjoying it, than I`d evr xpectd! Surprisingly

Can't just fall asleep and play like every other crush game I've tried, Lite crush game that's doesn't just try to be cute. Thank goodness I only see their ads and it's not a Facebook pushing, life invasion or we want your money game! Not bad

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