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Use referral code KALEYJANEXO when signing up, to snag some extra points for yourself (and a couple for me, too.. Marvelous

It takes a while to earn but it really does pay out. The developers should really change the "amount of money" it says you have. It says I have $5 but can only cash out $1. Misleading. Worth a go!

It's good as I can withdraw money as I've downloaded the new update, for some reason sometimes the referral don't work idk why... When I refer a friend or add a code. Still an error. "Network error occur" doesn't seem to work. Please fix it although I'll be referring friends to this as the cashout WORKS! Add my code please GBM4RK26 BTW I've email the support a week ago and no reply... Highly Recommend.

I love this app. If you're looking for a real app, I recommend you Fronto. I've received money twice already. This is a very good, honest and responsible app. Exactly what I was looking for Works great

I would not recommend. It's not bad, but far from good. It takes 80,000 points to earn $20. Initial daily goals will earn you about 3500 points and each swipe (hourly) is about 20 points from what I can tell. It's been nearly a month and I have 2000 points from swipes and about 1000 points from games. 3rd party offers do not work in my experience. The scratch games are a scam. The app creators should consider removing this feature and making a "points per ad" system in which simply watching an ad gives you 10 points (about 1/4 of a cent) because that's basically what the scratch games bonus points end up being worth. Also, the betting system is a scam. Don't even try. I am waiting to earn enough to get a $5 gift card (23,000 pts) and will see if it is fulfilled. I will update this review accordingly. I will keep my rating at 3 if nothing changes and my order is fulfilled. I will raise it to 4 if some features are changed to be more functional and/or less insulting to the user's intelligence (i.e. betting, scratch games, initial daily goals [maybe make daily goals worth less - 100-200 points - and let me earn them monthly]). I will drop it to 1 if any of my future orders are mishandled or not fulfilled. Updates will come. Brilliant

Haven't cashed out yet, but will update when I do. So far, easy way to earn money! I've earned a few bucks after just having the app a month! wow lol

It's Great When You First Start Using It. Everyday You Just Swipe and Earn Points. But, As Time Goes On You Get Less and Less of The Ones That Give You Points and Instead You Get More Ads and News Articles Than Anything Else. I've Had Mine Since November 2017 and Am Just About To Earn Enough For A $5 Amazon Gift Card. Brilliant

Finally able to use my points. Guess the app needed to be updated or something because it didn't give me any hassle. Perfect

This app is junk yea u can get free money but it takes for ever to get the points to do it i have scratched over a hundred tickets and have yet to get a winner its a scam to get u to watch videos and make money for them but they def dont give back maybe 1 dollar at a time yet again nothing Highly Recommend.

Is a good app but it does take a long time to build up coins and when it says the points you have are worth such and such amount of real cash the pay out trade is nothing like the said value. Please lower the trade coin and help more to win the scratch and match things Must have

I love this app! It is easy to use and easy to cash out. They credit your account immediately when you do an activity and they also cash out immediately, which is awesome. If you would like to check it out for yourself please consider using my referral code, chellejennifer . We will both get a little bonus and I would be so very grateful! Thanks so much for reading my review, please like it and good luck! Marvelous

Easy app to install. Not going to make you rich but any money is good money. Use referral code CASHEDUP to add free points when you signup 5 star

Takes a long time to build up points. Wish there wasn't so much emphasis on trying to recruit more people to use the app. But overall I like it. Awesome

You do earn money especially if you get ppl to join but it takes forever just to make 20$ I've been using this app for about a half a month and I am at a little over $4 Perfect

Well I do love the app, but gonna cash out and uninstall since I've tried to figure out what keeps resetting my screen timeout to 30 seconds. I FINALLY found the culprit. Don't know why, but it resets the timeout on my S7 with nougat. I checked every app's settings then disabled apps one at a time til I figured it out. Recommend

It's easy to use but I don't like that the value of the points says one thing and when you go to cash out It drops about $2! Also, it will not let me use my paypal account to cash out and keeps telling me that its a wrong password. I'm saving up for the amazon card now so hopefully that will work for me. If not then I need to delete this app because it drains your battery life! Muito bom!

I used to really love this app.. ive easily gotten 20-30$ from it in gift cards. But they did some sort of change to the system and now your qouted value does not equal the actual value anymore. And Because of this i am looking for a different app. Highly Recommend.

USE THE CODE EARNBONUS TO GET FREE MONEY AT SIGNUP! This app is the best lockscreen app out there. I've cashed out many times, so I know that it's legitimate It's easy, free money. The scratch cards make it even easier to get points. Recommend

Easy to use but takes a long time to earn substantial amount of points. The daily points bonus should be for more than the first handful of days. Overall I like the app. Surprisingly

Easy and convenient. Doesn't get much in my way for now. Referral code BEGGAR to earn some points straight off the bat Not bad

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