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Gotta be the best icon pack, even though there isn't anymore updates and the icon amount is a little on the small side, they work really well with how most of the default apps look already and it just blends really well it's very creative, don't buy if you're expecting every single icon to be covered Enjoy it!

I love all your icon packs and have purchased many of your icon packs. This, as stated, is very different. This is indeed unique and one of a kind. I do understand how tedious and time consuming it is to develop new icons.But Please update new icons. An update will be very appreciated. Thank You. Works perfectly

Don't get the hate There are plenty of icons. Nearly everything I use that's not a custom business app has a unique icon. And they look good. Must have

Please Focus On Fresh More! I recently dropped my review down to 1 star due to extensive lack of updates. An update rolled in today, and I'm leaving this updated review in the hopes weekly updates become a thing. Brilliant

Great icons, but crashing with latest update Uninstalled and reinstalled in a hopeful attempt to fix the crashes. Also now not applying icons correctly in CM13. Marvelous

This is my favorite number one icon I always been using. Keep it up.☆☆☆ Works great

Top notch This is how icons should be from the start. This is not a run of the mill material design copy like so many others out there. However, I continue to support developer, but once again updates DO NOT come as promised and for that reason I drop my stars. Go well

⚠⚠ Marvelous

Great icons, but the lack of updates is annoying. I've had this pack over a month and only 10 new icons have been added. Same stock walls since I purchased too. Edit 3/25/16 much better support and additions. 5 star! Go well

Early adopter. Got much better. Thanks for the updates as of late. The icons are starting to replace a lot of the apps I use and are beautiful. Just don't expect smooth functionality if you use Google Now Launcher as it doesn't have support for custom icons, even through Theme Engine. Omg

Quality icons, A fraction of how many there should be: 400+ With countless icon packs available, the number of icons this icon in this pack is frankly a disappointment. Although they are quite original, there are many more to be added to be considered my default icon pack. Thankfully requesting icons has been enabled, but I wouldn't mind seeing some paid requests, to expedite requests Amazing!

Awesome ! Adds a lot of color & just makes my phone less boring . Can I choose which icons I want for something though? Perfect

Love this pack I alternate between this and one other but I end up always going back to this. Extremely high quality icons. Works great

Thanks! Thanks for adding the icon request feature and for coming back and responding to my review Muito bom!

Top notch Updates are still too inconsistent. Disappointed. Amazing quality and precision detail. By far the best I've seen out there. This pack is worth the money. I wish updates were more often but I also understand the amount of time it must take to create such detail in each icon so no big issue for me. This is how icons should be from the start. This is not a run of the mill material design copy like so many others out there. Great!

weekly updates promised but not even every 2 weeks. Also a suggestion: some icons sit on the bottom of the space, could you guys maybe fix it so it sits in the middle? icons like the Netflix icon look weird because they are lower than the vertically centered icons Worth it!

These are highly detailed icons. I'm looking forward to future icons from this pack. Highly original. Keep up the great work! Awesome

love it Really looking forward to new icons each week :) the selection is a bit limited right now, but hopefully that will change over time Just wow

Awesome icon pack! Great attention to detail and very original icons, such as Play Store, Chrome, Netflix. Thank you, dev! Recommend

Hoping for more icons soon Desperatly need DUNKIN DONUTS, FAST REBOOT & SD MAID. , among others, but with those at least I could finally use what i paid for. So far not Good

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