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Update: "was" Best WiFi calling and texting app out there. Their new update ruined the app. Now everyone I try to call or when I send text a new page pops up about your number. It doesn't make the call anymore Go well

Keeps bugging out about review have had app less than 4hrs too pushy about immediate review Reception Excellent In app purchases which they state it's completely Free so Good luck! Must have

They have updated the app since my last grievance. They seemed to have listened to my feedback and changed policy. I have updated my stars in the review Awesome

It's awesome except text now is totally free u can send and receive messages and calls without having to pay or earn credits fix this and I'll write a better review Go well

Over all works. Just have to be patient sometimes. Sometimes messages or missed calls just show up with no notification. Superb!

I've only used calling feature a couple times. It worked great. Texting isn't bad either. Thanks from someone who is broke and can't get a regular cell company to sign me up. Cool

Its unfortunate that I can't save contacts from this app. I have to memorize, write the number down, or copy and paste the number in order for me to save the number to phone contacts. Omg

Why doesn't the app appear in the notification area anymore?! It's not practical without it. And as usual disastrous customer support with no response. Moving to Nextplus! Superb!

I like the interface, quick access to dial pad and texting. Best, you get free number, too love it

This app is the best from all the other apps that let you call free. It's more simple and organizes than the other apps I've used and I've used them all. This is the only one I like and I've sticked to. Perfect

Love this app for my kids especially but I've been getting several unknown calls lots of ads and connections arnt that great but still better than paying an extra bill you don't need so can't complain too much when its free Recommend

I think i need help with my Wi-Fi and my name is tykeria. And I need a iphone 4 old as can y'all help me by the way it is a good thing love it

I have used this FreeTone several times and it has proven to be the best free phone calling/texting app out there!! I have not seen any glitches or errors of any kind. The hearing quality of the phone calls are perfect, no different from using your original mobile data calling and the texts go through without any issues. 10 out of 10, Do Recommend!! Just wow

Unlimited texting and calling at some point you do need credits to call out and when you do call out it only lets you talk for one hour per credit If it's not freetone to freetone. But if you let the person call your freetone it's completely free and last for hours. All text are free no credits needed and I love that. Very good app. Highly Recommend.

In my opinion this app is the same s*** as all the other free Wi-Fi call and text apps. It has its positive and negative features. 1 obvious positive feature is its free WiFi call&text servise. Idk about other apps but this one cuts in & out a lot if not it dropps the call. Its very hard to hear the person on the other end clearly. 1 negative flaw that cones with this app is the amount of adds and pop ups. WAY 2 MANY repeditive unwanted adds. Also if you actuskly pay for your phone bills this and all other Wi-Fi calling apps defeat the purpose of being with a specific carrier AT&T, T-MOBILE etc. I swear I waste money laying for my gf line cuz she just uses this app. Omg

So far this app is working purity darn good... Ok, my first statement was when I'd had this app on my phone for maybe 3 days. Now, that I've had this on my phone and have used it every day for ruffly 3 months, I can give it a fair review.... I highly recommend this app to "everyone," especially low-income, less fortunate and the homeless. Whoever put this program together "Thank You." The "WiFi" access does everything that major phone Co's do, at "No Cost" to you. I have had "No" problems or issues whatsoever with this app, sending or receiving phone calls or texts n surfing the web while around Wi-Fi. Although I can't send or receive phone calls, texts or surf the web while away from Wi-Fi, it's actually been Awesome! Not having a phone "glued" to my side/hand, like the old days, "Seeing" n "Talking" Face-To-Face with people and the best part enjoying Nature first hand in real life....You should try it sometime. Perfect

Hope this app works only thing I want is free calling texting and incoming calls just to keep in touch with my friends and family hope that you guys are doing a good job and just a project so kick the Google alive and everybody have a nice day I hope it's going okay with you guys so keep the good work Highly Recommend.

it's a good app but with tons of ads. However it is free so I can't really ask for much lol Omg

i think its GREAT! very functionable and works even better than i would expect, thank you! very happy I chose to try it!! Brilliant

Well I use it all the time. But lately I haven't been able to even get in, the app. Thinking of trying something else. Unless a update takes place. Not bad

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