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Iust say I have seen this 1000 times. decided to try and Wowzee... I have made 3 orders of photos. Timely manner.. and so easy.. and yes it's free. They do have a very small fees depending on how many pictures and the upgrade is again very small fees. Try it u won't be sorry.. Highly Recommend.

Love it, I made a book with Christmas pictures for a gift and they came out great Well done!!

I love it. But it Needs more pictures frames. But it's good will definitely order more. Muito bom!

I love these photobooks! The app is awesome and easy to use. The photo books are great quality. I just hope they come out with bulk pricing if I make photo books with many more pages for Christmas presents. $0.39 per page is pretty spendy when I'm adding 60 pages. Great!

I love this app! I have ordered books for family members as well, and they all came out great. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to make a photo book!! Highly Recommend.

Freeprints is the most FANTASTIC APP EVER!!! Very easy to use, the price is amazing & you can make numerous photobooks in no time! Love it wow lol

App is effortless and easy!! Quality of pics are excellent! Such a wonderful and personal book that is a priceless treasure! !! Easily 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ Worth a go!

At first I was a little worried. Not knowing who was seeing my pictures,what if some psycho gets ahold of them ect,but I had some great pictures that I really wanted printed out and framed from my phone so I gave in,hoping for the best. Just a few days after I had my photos in my hand and they were great. Loved them. Then the price ?!?! Can't beat it an awesome discounts ever. Fabulous!

I have used this app for two photo books. They are perfect for my little nephew to see all the digital photos of the family. The app is easy to use. I can use PayPal to pay, so it's secure. I haven't used anything fancy with themes or layouts. Just simply putting pictures on paper with captions. Fast delivery. I also like that they keep my books digitally so I can print it again if it gets destroyed. Awesome

I ordered a photobook to see the quality and I'm extremely impressed! You can't even tell that the pictures were taken with a phone. I'm going to be ordering a lot more! Omg

I have received one book already and looking forward to more. Less hassle placing your photos in your own books. I would recommend the hardback books. Fantastic

I was very impressed with the quality when I received my photo book. Great gift idea! Love it! Pretty good

It's OK it needs improvement. Like when you say you have a free photo book it would be nice to know how many photos to use to keep it a free photo book. Need more pictures frames and it would be nice to be able to write or add writing to a picture in the book after adding a photo to. Believe able to write something next to the picture would be nice. But it's good will definitely order more. Well done!!

Used this app to make a baby shower present and it was absolutely amazing, my book arrived within 4 days of me ordering it. I will be using it again Not bad

Love this app easy to use and my order came on time very good quality i just love my picture book Go well

My photo book was very Nice! I did not expect it to be as nice as it was! Well put together, sturdy and easy to navigate setting it up. Will be making many more! Just wow

I had no idea it would be such a great quality book! I will be making gifts for loved ones. I LOVE THIS APP Brilliant

Love this app,the best I've found yet!! I love getting pictures in the mail.... fast,and easy.... you can make picture books of your family!! Or make one for a gift!! I absolutely Love it! Amazing!

Ordered for the first time for my daughter's first years pictures turned out great easy to use app and fast shipping Muito bom!

I love it! I love how it gets sent right to my door and I get to have all these memories and hard copy books that I make! Thank you! Perfect!

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