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I really like this game, but when you WIN, there's NO! Hoopla, NO big CONGRATULATIONS. Where's THE EXCITEMENT. Mrs. C. Muito bom!

One if my favorites years ago. It took me a little getting re-familiar with how to play ... Well done!!

Been playing it for quite a while. Download it each time i get new phone or tablet. Amazing!

The similar app to this one has got the daily challenge; where as this doesn't have. wow lol

Great game, adds non intrusive, good way to concentrate on "something else for a while" in my break time. Superb!

Love that the cards are highlighted! Background and card style can be changed anytime. Low MBs and permissions. Best freestyle I have tried. Go well

I really enjoy playing this game. It's like the child's game of memory, except cards are face up and more challenging due to the the fact that you must place cards in sequential order by suit. Fantastic

Great game in which you can go at your own pace and not have to rush through it. You only compete against yourself. The controls are significant. Fantastic

Single tap works for all plays except for holding a card in the play area to put lower ones on it. This makes it smarter and easier to play than other versions including the original windows ones. No fancy graphics to waste your time. I miss the game numbers and game select features from windows which was good for keeping track of difficult games. Surprisingly

I love everything about this game wouldn't ask anything to be added or subtracted... Omg

I love this games. Vary addictive. But something missing in setting. Need more options in their. . Awesome

Too often pairs appear together, touching, in the same column. Shuffle does not seem to randomize the cards Great!

Addicted! Love the challenge. Makes me crazy and that's what keeps me coming back day after day. Worth it!

Great free game. My only complaint is that the screen turns off if I think for too long. Amazing!

Have only played a few games but I do like the the graphics and game play. Hopefully I can find different levels of play as so far the games are easy. Great for the casual free cell player. Brilliant

Fun game but cards are difficult to read. More white space perhaps? Love the game but can't recommend this app for it Worth it!

Best Freecell game out there. Small footprint, takes up very little su pace or memory (RAM) which is very important for my phone, which only had 1G RAM and 8 G total internal memory. Cool

My favorite because 1. Ads don't interfere! 2. Next card is highlighted but if it might be needed, it doesn't automatically go up unless you click on it. 3. Great options Brilliant

Freecell Great way to pass downtime. Good way to test common sense moves. Thank you for making this available. Works great

Very nice, well thought out gameplay. Ads are at the bottom of screen. Will keep 5 star rating as long as they stay where they are. Go well

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