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This app may be useful to those who enjoy listening to older/more unknown artists and songs. Personally, I wouldn't download the app because it doesn't have any recent or up to day songs/artists at all. Overall, the app is quite boring and I recommend it to people who love unknown work :) Must have

It's a bit disobedient since I search a specific song but it wasn't showing, instead it showed random songs Great!

This app is okay, you can down load music, aldo you can't download all music :( d Sadly:( But if anyone wants to download Kevin MacLeod songs you go ahead and download it :D 5 star

You are lucky I am just supporting every poor app... THIS APP IS BOGUS!!!! I spelled '' Adele'' and it showed '' Night Owl'' and some other stupid songs! :-( Amazing!

Is a good app but I hate when people as Putin 1 or 2 stars and saying this is boring well duhhh it for downloading music not hoping u gonna magical find games on it I mean oml Amazing!

I will be at work tomorrow and your family are doing well and your day is going good Perfect

Its ok but IT HAS NONE OF TODAY'S SONGS i mean seariously like what this needs an update Go well

This apps is so nice because its easy for me to look the song that i want. So i beleive this apps can be more good than ather one... Works perfectly

App used to be amazing. Search is still good. However, I'm no longer able to download any file. Please fix it. Enjoy it!

Good I dont know y people r thinking its bad. I think they want like songs but this downloader is for jazz or u know stuff like that Works perfectly

Nope... Just another stupid app where all you get to see is some stupid soundtracks or songs that no one gives a flying rats ass to listen to.... No help at all Highly Recommend.

Ok? It didn't At All show the song that I Searched Up ALTHOO, the songs that appeared are kind of nice so ya Good

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