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Everything is quite good but the controls lag I don't know if that's cause of my phone FIY I have a Moto E4 Plus hope I can play better in the future good game tho Great job

This cofee game and sample game get kinda unfair after a while. And I think we all know why this is supported by a glitch website. Well done!!

Love we bear bears love games what can be better than both of them together. Bearista is soooo addictive and that's a good thing because that mini game does actually have an end. Not like some other apps which take years to complete. Great!

We bare bear Game to boring Thai but character achay Thay. Install karna chahte hai tu Karle . game Bas Itni Buri Bhi Nahi Hai Omg

Awesome. We love it and like to play this game. Actually me and my brother fight for playing this game. This game is tremendously awesome for kids who love we bear bears soo much. We are waiting for more games like this. This game makes us little bit addicted but although has lot of fun joy and good experience. Cool

We bare bears I love it.i am just a child for this game.i'm 9 years old and my name is's not bad so i rate 5 stars for it. Not bad

We bearly sure we love it!! Now it's the time we gonna bare bears the world of bare bears and a furtastic of all time of my bare myself and a new cartoon-network game in the bearly world!! (Bear puns never gets old) Superb!

This saved me 2 hours of my life I will 5 star it but one more thing... Can you add more minigames into the game there all fun! But just want to play more minigames and I would delete every app I have and leave this one! If you add more minigames. I'm going on a filght from Peru to El Salvador then USA! So I want to have fun on the filght! It's a 9 hour filght.. I will play this game on the filght. Its very fun. I recommend you should get it Good

Sweet game The game some times when your about to choose a game it sometimes makes you watch a video but other then that it is awesome. Get it you won't be sorry. love it

Fun and Cute It's really cute, and very fun. It's addictive, too. And if you wanna have fun, or even on the go, I recommend this app. It's worth installing. Go well

Motorola Photon I installed the game and it keeps crashing at start up. My sister has a BLU 7.0 and the game works fine on her phone. Please help Go well

Good Job! I don't see a problem on this game. Plus it's super fun! Me and my sisters love the multiplayer. Thank you for this game. Good job! Enjoy it!

Good, but couple problems Little lag, menus sometimes take forever to move. Does not reward enough coins for playing. But the games will waste a couple minutes of time in a fun way. Well done!!

So they need your fracking identity They need our identity? That's messed up! I mean I'm not calling the game an exposal but you know what I'm saying right? Not bad

Nice Game! Sometimes it's hard sometimes it's easy. I get tense sometimes with playing panda's games but I like how challenging it is. Thank you for reading love it

Free fur all bye Krystal dempsey I love we bare bears its my fav show. Besides my fav bear is ice bear I love him he is so funny Enjoy it!

its looked fun some of the games did not work correctly. so i cant play this. it looks and sounds nice. just needs some fine tooning to work right Well done!!

Love it It is so fun I don't know who said it was a bad game but it is awesome so you better change it because they worked hard to make it and it costed no money at all so take it back Pretty good

It's the best app I have download on my phone this game is a heaven nothing is like these game the diesel characters are my favorite my loving games my favorite thing is cat but this is not a cat everyone should make a cat game this please I know baby girl Heidi Heidi ho on GTA V there you lady for Heidi Heidi ho Seabrook Paint by the Grassroots Heidi Heidi ho on a loop de loop with swinging so Heidi Heidi ho hey it's Holly holy day or two grown up on forever even holy holy d Heidi Heidi Heidi ho Go well

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