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I love the screen locker but When I tried using it as the theme for the launcher it only appears as a wall paper. I ended up on deleting Go Launcher because I don't like the way it looks. The reason why I wanted it was to use this theme and it didn't work. Also I downloaded the weather app and the weather still didn't show on the lock screen that should be fixed as well. Marvelous

Nice theme and want to use it but like other themes I have found, it can't tell day from night. That is, half past noon shows as 00.30 rather than 12.30 Please fix. Just wow

I love it. It is my favorite, but it is full of bugs. I'd give it five stars if you fix it. Amazing!

خوبه بهتراز تمهای دیگه اس,ممنون ازتون Enjoy it!

Useless Can't do any changes. Colour options are not customised. Don't bother downloading this or any other apps from this developer.

Superb One star less becaus old version had facility to change wallpaper for incoming call too

great this app is so so so so good & its very funtastic ,, tnx tnx tnx ,,, i love it♡♡♡♡♡♡♡★★★★

Ok Uncustomizable. It is what it is. It removes the option of changing the color. It just add another homescreen panel and that's it. Nothing so customizable. The music panel is like nothing. Please just link it to the phone default music player. Must have

Nice app... It does exactly wut it says...but we shud be able to choose more colors when setting the "mood status." Omg

Love the colors Use 2 love this 2 n 1 but since the locker works the theme doesn't so I'll delete the locker part as well.

Fix it. It say's it's free however a message appear stating "It can't be used before you purchase it". Thanks. Highly Recommend.

free color box 2-1 theme go launch got down, I think this is great two in one works for me three stars i would Give five but the weather won't show up on the lock screen I've installed go weather it didn't work so I in stalled weather ex still nothing this needs to be fixed please do something about this i really love this lock screen

Just starting I loved to give five star but since iam just started using it , for now i will give it's ok... :)

Nice :-) Its nice but YEah there is nothing new..... just somewhat Windows 8!!!!!!!???///

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