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22 koi v download na krna eh sale fudfu banonde aa bhen chod haramde!! Bai eh fake app aa mera yakee kro apna tym na waste krio es app te... Worth a go!

Rated this 5 stars at first thinking it would work but it's just an app full of ads to buy stuff just another chance for companies to shove an ad in your face tryin to get you to buy stuff don't install Must have

Most hv given 5 stars cause it asks us to gn it's survey. It's useless. Not even worth a satar. Highly Recommend.

I love this game very much for your email address and telephone number or visit the main page for royal data and the rest of the most important thing is that the new year to you by the way to get the cheapest prices on the phone and fax number of people who are not the intended recipient of this email address and telephone number or visit the main page for royal data uch love it

Most hv given 5 stars cause it asks us to in its survey. It's useless. Not even worth a star. Worth it!

it s a trick it didn; t and they want you to give 5 Star rating b4 u find this out .I went back and changed my vote Great!

I don't know why these guys aren't getting coins and money. I have gotten everything I have asked for. Marvelous

It works only if u use ur laptop and usb and coding with this fake could be fake but hacking always works Highly Recommend.

Nyc hai aap ye wala jldi download kro or ese use krne k leye 5 baar id dalo or phir aap ko 5 star kr do jldi kro jldi Great job

This is like the best generator you'll ever get like I promise you you might see the fake ones like here but this is like so real I love this one this was awesome you guys really need to check it out like like so seriously I've been so for real check it out it is awesome it is worth all five minutes of your time Perfect!

Ok thank you so much for all your wishes I had a fabulous day lots of love and godbless penny for the past ten days going Pretty good

This app asks for 5 star rating before granting free coins. I'm hoping to receive free rewards. Hope it works Brilliant

Nyc to watch dis app get free coins daily n cash i rwst to oll dat uh have to download on your phn Omg

I request all the 8 ball pool users don't download this app.They are making us fool and wasting our time Omg

Fake app made by a thefe don't ever install it if you don't want to become fool Pretty good

Stupid waste of time! then I actually read the description and it says this app is just a prank!!!! ehat assholes! Cool

I am not sure it will work or not if it will work then I will comment yes or no love it

Worst app. Fake. It asks to rate the app 5 star before getting the coins. But do not give any coin. It's a fraud . Do not install this app. Highly Recommend.

Very bad app, company does not know how to make business. People are not idiot, you cannot make all people fool. You rubbish.... Fabulous!

Who knows it will work or not? OK it doesn't generate any coines so friends don't waste ur time on this app Enjoy it!

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