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Now the app make over puts this app in the toilet. Takes way too long to load articles, they have removed the ability to select just the features you wish to read. Used to enjoy the app, now has gone to ridculouse extremes. Looks like I will have to find another news app. Some articles, the writers never proofread what they have written. Poor command of English language . Then there is the problem of selecting an article to read, and then another article pops up in its place. Sometimes it's several different articles will open with a different articles. Most of the time articles never open, broken links. Fix it please! Looks as though the makers of this app don't care about feedback, since they won't fix the problems. Good

Boooo! Ability to swipe from the side to bring up categories is gone... mainly the business category. Also, stories are now mishmashed on the opening screen, making it more difficult to find categories of news you are interested in. #updatefail Not bad

This is an updated review on the latest version of the app at the time of this review. The Home page now has all main headlines from every topic, ranging from latest headlines, usual politics, FNC exclusive clips, opinions, health, even down to crime. World news is at the far bottom, which I raise my eyebrows to that design decision. The menu bar is placed at the bottom rather than the top, which is unconventional, given people are used to tapping the top left to go to the previous page. The menu bar hides as you scroll down for more articles, and pops back up when you're scrolling up. The "For You" icon on the bottom right is now where you personalize all things, including your settings for the app. I believe this neatness is warranted, given big fonts and large number of pictures to maximize readability. One behavior which I am griping is the "Offline Browsing" setting. It needs one improvement. It SHOULD NOT reload articles that were BUFFERED unless the reader drags down the article to manually refresh. I buffered 10 articles to read in an area with poor reception. 3 articles kept the words but lost the pictures (no big deal), but the other 7 were completely lost. Great job

I like the speed of the new redesigned app, but the layout is much less appealing. Not compact at all, things take uo the whole screen. Also harder to see all the stories on the main page. Developers should at least give us a night/dark theme option. Good

I only wish this would support picture in picture, other than that this is the only real news media platform that has not been corrupted by Left Wing washington elitist. Not bad

It looks like FOX has gone the easy "CNN" video route. I don't want to just watch a video! The previous approach typically had only a few videos in support of a well written article. Amazing!

Fox. News is my favorite station but this app could use a great deal of technical improvement. There are constant interruptions with the streaming. We also frequently get a message that provider data cannot be uploaded "at this time " We depend on this app specifically for the live programming but using it has become frustrating beyond words. PLEASE call on your tech team to fix the problems so we can have seamless access to the best news and information network on TV Great job

App crashing after newest Verizon update for Samsung Galaxy 8S two days ago. Didn't crash before but does now. App doesn't crash at startup it crashes when you select a link. Once it crashes and I close the app I can reopen and view ok. Please fix. Recommend

Fox News has improved by hopping on the Trump wagon when absolutely forced to in late 2015, but RT is still way better bc there is no room for American neo-con trash at that network. It's 2018. Wake up, or I'll make you. Highly Recommend.

This is an updated review on the latest version of the app at the time of this review. For the last two months, this app crashes when switching between apps, and returning to the Fox news app. The GUI is stable, but attempting to open an article or to watch a video causes the app to crash. This behavior is consistent across all devices--phone and tablets. Please fix this bug and increase the stability of the app while it's running in memory. Superb!

Having on going problems with app freezing up when looking at articles. Too many times articles will not load saying problem with internet connection. Then next article will load. Have downgraded this app from 5 stars to 3 and considering 2 stars if performance does not improve. Worth a go!

I'll up my rating to five stars once you finally fix the latest update not to have random crashes on Android 8.1. I've submitted dozens of logs over the past month and still no joy. I had to roll back to an old version off of apk mirror in order to run without issues. wow lol

I first rated with 1 star, appropriately, then found that only the high ratings can be read first. I want people to read this! When I try to open articles, I receive the message: open in browser. I try in the browser and it can not be done! I used to like Fox news. Also it seems they are mostly interested in naked or nearly naked women in their articles! Fox news has become a CHEAP source! Shame on you Fox news, you are not "fair and balanced", but, now are slimey and rude!!! Again, SHAME ON YOU!!! I also want to know WHY there is a need to cover news about slutty females. This is on par with the national enquirer and other low class news rags! Leave the slutty newsfor them!!! Marvelous

I wish someone would tell the person overseeing this app that they seem obsessed with Hollywood and near naked women. If I wanted to keep up with the Kardashians and their ilk I'd watch ET. Take a cold shower and report news. Worth a go!

Great app overall. One thing thing to improve on though is, when a link says video or is referring to a video... have a link to the video. Have had countless times where this has happened. Now, if links are there and I just don't see them... I change my suggestion to making links more visible to unobservant people like me. Thanks Works great

The app is fairly reliable for accurate news. My main complaint and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the numerous misspellings. Someone there needs to use spell check before posting. Just sayin'. Just wow

Ok... Annoying when your reading an article it jumps all over the place click here click there to finish the story and then all these adds and pictures pop up in-between... Seen better Omg

I love Fox News. I'm not so sure about their app. The app loves to lock up during the live news at its own descretion, and it's not due to the commercial breaks. I have to back out of the program to break the lock up, then re-enter the program to continue watching. Very frustrating, it doesn't like to play continuously. Worth it!

Fox, please hire me as your proof reader... This app has spelling and grammar errors almost every time I open it. Very unprofessional for such a large news organization. Whoever is in charge of the app should be replaced by me. Enjoy it!

Crashes 15 or 20 times every day. The Fox news app used to be my primary source of daily news. The articles covered a broad range and were quite readable despite the poor grammer and frequent typographic errors. The new app seems to have lost nearly all of the content, only one or two stories are added each day and most seem to be NEWS-OF-THE-WORLD tabloid junk. Fox is nearly the only source of news that even acknowledges a conservative view point. It is so sad to see such a poorly coded app. Great job

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