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Poorly executed The in-app links to the maps don't work. One has to go to the Forestry website from a browser, which is tiresome. HTC One m8.

:-( Missing FC woodlands :-) Incl Wheelchair Filter Sadly missing Forestry Commission this apps need a considerable about of filling in/bulking up. Then it will become really beneficial. Very good to have the filter option, and especially great to see *Wheelchair Users* getting a filter important for ease of accessing your wonderful woodlands. So please fill up the app with all of your FC woodlands open to the public. Thank you

Very intuitive The tree identification is great but very limited and the sweet chestnut leaf is incorrectly pictured. Omg

Pity it's so big Not enough room on my phone for this. Shame it's stuck in portrait mode too. Marvelous

Great I think the tree identification guide is very well made; but the rest of the appa features need attention Enjoy it!

Very useful app! I have found this app to be very useful, yes it is quite a big app, the tree identifier tool could be better if more trees were added. Maybe it would be better to have separate apps for the tree identifier, & split the maps into smaller areas with more details.

Excellent! Great tree finder, nice system to narrow down tree by appearance of leaves bark or seeds.. Recommend to install ForestXplorer APK.

#music-discovery Needs a lot more work.! Very limited database in the tree identifier. Will be a great app when fully populated. Would like to see a separate app for the tree identifier.

Size Now that the app is smaller and can be moved to the SD card is great news. Awesome. Fantastic

Large install Haven't had a chance to use the app but already thinking of removing it simply as it can't be moved to SD card as it is best 60 Meg. Go well

Very good Good tree identifier. The PDF maps are too low resolution though, zoom In and they blur badly. Amazing!

Good so far Great idea with a few issues still. When the map is zoomed to a useful size to view on a smartphone the numbers are indistlnct. wow lol

Very nice app Now it works on HTC Sensation ICS its great. Next improvement would be GPS location shown on map Superb!

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