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This game is great BUT FIX THE ISSUE...... Several emails of the game quits before game play. I have uninstalled reinstalled, cleared cache and still won't stay up....NOW I can't even play at all..y'all know you got an issue....FIX IT!!!!!! You still owe me 7 gems... Highly Recommend.


Starts off fun, but quickly begins to lag so you can't succeed without more gems. Which they want you to buy of course. I just watched 3 trailers that were supposed to give me free gems. But it was a scam. Just watched commercials and got nothing out of it. Oh well, fool me once and all that. Uninstalling this to end the frustration love it

Ohh it's terrible ,because that always don't connection and give me a ring Highly Recommend.

I love this game but have had issues with app staying open since latest update. I have reached out to tech support with no response..... Not pleased right with the game right now. Not bad

I like the game a lot but I have big fingers and sliding the items sometimes forces me to lose 10+ seconds trying to get the item to the customer. Maybe if you could make it easier with a tap select option. Marvelous

I don't usually play games on my phone, but I picked this gem up and now I can't stop playing!! Perfect!

The game is lovely, but I couldn't assess it of late. Please, do something about it Great job

I love the game. It's a great way to pass time. Love the variety of food one gets to serve. Also i like that the customers have a relatively long patience bar. Enjoy it!

When you go to move the sauces they don't always go on the pasta easy and the sauce burns...other than that pretty good so far! Superb!

Because it is cooking and it is brilliant game ever in the world and I think that it will popular very soon this game I Awesome

Food truck AWESOME love the graphics are great. What a terrific adventure game. Fun for all. Have fun sign Kathy Schaefer Worth it!

Love the game. And love that the support team is so fast to respond. The only downside is that everything cost diamonds. Not all of us have the money to spend on diamonds. So it would be lovely if diamonds werent required unless it was like final upgrade or a special item. Enjoy it!

Addicting, fun and enjoyable. Hate how you need to buy gems to play though. After first or second Street, game makes it almost impossible to advance or get high scores without buying gems. Too bad. Great game, otherwise. Omg

Why make it so hard to get gems and the price for them is ridiculous love the game but for my reason's stated I will be deleting the app. Don't waste your time downloading unless you don't mind spending $75 on a game Fantastic

It is a good game but I can't open the new places easily. I hope the company will soon fix it but it is a very good gam Highly Recommend.

Very fun for awhile, with a few annoying bugs. Eventually you get to a point where it's not fun unless you want to purchase gems, but you can get a decent amount of gameplay in for free. Feature for earning free gems for completing actions outside the app only works about 50% of the time. And watching an ad to speed something up fails if you exit out of the app, the time adds itself back on. 5 star

I enjoy the game, however I have all through the first kitchen and now find I can't unlock any others without diamonds. I think that's kinda of cruddy, because you either have to buy them or play the same kitchen adnauseam until you gain enough levels to earn the diamonds. Very disappointed and am uninstalling. Pretty good

I like the graphics and the game is fun, but I did some of the offers recently and didnt get my gems. When I first tried I got them, but I just did two more and haven't received any gems. Please fix this problem ASAP since the game is incredibly hard to play and not fun without gems and I'm not gonna purchase them. Works great

My one complaint is there are certain food items I click on and the good item is not picked up. You really need to be precise with where you click. On faster paced levels this is a real pain. I have an S7 so I'm not using an ancient device. Amazing!

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