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I was enjoying the game yesterday and I went to play today all of my progress had been deleted and I had to start a new game I'm going through the tutorial as to how to upgrade my Outdoors and it won't let me proceed because it's showing my progress from yesterday there but not on the map this needs to be fixed or I won't be playing this game again Muito bom!

I think this game is fun and addicting like most people are saying. But gems are hard to get out the casino. I have to spend nearly 15000G just to get 4-7 gems. That's crazy, and then I updated 2 days ago, because I have passed/bought every place on the map. To my surprise I was happy you finally opened more. But when you download the update. Every morning when I try to play again I'm back on Day 1 when, I have played everyday since I have had the game and now it won't move pass Day one and the clock is stuck on 23:59:45 love it

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAILY MISSIONS?? I LIKED THAT FEATURE. GAVE ME SOMETHING MORE TO DO. NOW IT SEEMS LIKE I'M JUST STAGNANT UNTIL I GET ENOUGH GEMS TO OPEN A NEW TRUCK. PLS PLACE THIS BACK ON THE GAME. THANK U. It's OK. I play a few different food service games n compared to I just don't care for the dragging feature of the plated foods. N second, I'm not a fan that when the dish is done cooking it doesn't have more of an alert. It is hard to see it blink. It doesn't blink very brightly. When u have two pans going at once u r listening to the boiling sound of 2 or more pots n u should be able to see a timer above the one that is done or hear a different sound when complete, as u r attempting to go at a fast pace to get everything done. U end up burning if u don't watch for it to blink. Because I know it will get more challenging as u go along. That's all. But it is OK so far. Thanks!! wow lol

I am embarrassed to admit how much I play, it is really fun for me. There have been some kinks but if you email them, they are very good at fixing stuff. My only problem is the gems. Price of stuff goes up and up but the amount of gems you receive for accomplishing tasks is very low. You basically have to spend money and the amount of gems for the money isn't worth it. Not bad

The game is addictive and fun to play, however there are things that could be improved. I like the variety of foods and the game play and development are fast. When you pick up items and you drag them to their place it doesn't always seem to be working, like the space that you need to drag them to is too small, to work and it could get frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry to meet the goal of the level and you can't afford to be that precise. Most of the items could be placed just by clicking, the dragging is not necessary. Also I spend a lot of money on the slots, and I barely get jems,most of the time it's just coins that could get you one and a half spin. I could spend 30 000 and don't get anything actually useful. Superb!

Like the game so far but it does get Frozen on one section. Then I have to reset the whole game Perfect!

I've been playing this game for a few weeks and haven't run into a problem loading the game until now. I've opened the app and it just sits there loading, but the game isn't letting me play. Also, I agree with many people on here, the gems are an issue. I've spent enough of my own money to not really even geet a good amount. I play Cooking Fever and have spent $ on gems, but they at least have deals with purchasing them and you get many more and their casino is easier to win gems. This casino on this game your spending 50,0000 coins just to get 15 gems. You should make this game one to buy instead. Marvelous

This game is great to play and i really enjoy it, but there is one BIG PROBLEM!..why does the game take like 2mins to load when opening the app also why do we need gems to unlock trucks when we dont earn enough to save any Fantastic

For the last 3 days I can not get it to open. It just keeps saying loading. Please fix. Omg

Would rate more stars but have logged in 3 days and cannot collect any coins just restarts at 24 hours. Worth it!

So far I like the game but it takes a long time to load up. Fix this issue and it will be great. Well done!!

It lags a little but it's a good cooking game. I enjoy it more than I thought I would Great!

After update it doesn't work, it says there is a problem with my network but it doesn't Worth a go!

This game is a lot of fun. However, touch screen controls aren't as great as I'd like for a game where I'm moving my fingers across the screen as quickly as possible. Sometimes the food wouldn't drop or the fryer wouldn't start. Really annoying. And before you say it, it's not my phone, I play other games like this one and don't have those problems. Also the in-app purchases start getting crazy as you move up in levels. It gets to a point where you can't upgrade much of anything without using a good amount of diamonds, and you can't beat the level without using diamonds. I only got 5 food trucks in and spent a stupid amount on diamonds to upgrade. Sadly I'm taking this game off my phone after only a few weeks. I get encouraging players to spend some money, but when it's costing me more than $10 (real money) just to up grade my truck for 1 level. That's disappointing. I'd rather just pay for the game and be able to play all levels and earn coins to upgrade. I don't write reviews often, but this one really irritated me. Asking too much, for a few hours entertainment. I'm surprised there are not more negative reviews about the cost. Flawless

This game is so much fun this is the best game i ever played oh yaeh go 2018 foodtruck oh yeah good bye Perfect!

I really love it, but its a little hard. It needs to put everything EXACTLY in the correct place, not aside; if we could let things aside the place it should much better❤ Amazing!

It's a good game and I've been enjoying it, but I'm going to run out of levels soon and I can't play any other levels as I don't have the gems to unlock them Flawless

Love the fast paced nature of the game. Was able to get through 3 and half levels before stalling as you NEED to purchase gems to move any further or unlock the 4th mission and beyond. Awesome

I really enjoyed playing this game, however when I exit out of it I can't get it to load when I want to play it again. I've tried repeatedly...i mean that's just weird...if it doesn't work soon may have to delete it. Fantastic

Enjoy the game however huge let down that you need gems for everything after the first few levels making it horendous if you dont pay for stuff Surprisingly

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