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The only issue with the game is how many gems you need to proceed with the game... But if you don't purchase them you just keep spinning the machine hoping you get gems. It's so annoying I'm thinking of uninstalling Awesome

good way to waste time, only issues are that you do not get enough diamonds to level items or enough coins.. unless you play the first level over and over and play the vids . Works perfectly

ItsIt's a fun game! Maybe it will be better with less time of cooking the items. Perfect

Good game but don't bother trying for free gems as you don't get the gems for the offers tried 3 offers never got the gems should have got 42 gems Surprisingly

One of the best cooking games. The graphics are awesome. This game is different from other games. Very interesting. Really deserves a five star rating. Go well

So far I'm really enjoying it. I haven't had to spend any actual money so I'll edit my review if gameplay goes awry. Other than that, so far so good. Great!

Catchy. Levels are playable at first i havent gotten far. I'm on level 4. So far it's a great past time Must have

They get you hooked in. But I did a request because I did not get my free gems been a week. The first email said I received them. Which I didn't emailed them back with a picture. Been a week still haven't got my gems. For completing their request. All it say now is pending for my gems. No one has contacted me. Worth it!

I am really enjoying playing this game I may not be good at cooking in my place but on here it is easy and so far everyone get what they wants Superb!

This is by far my favorite game so far in the Google Play Store, I've actually spent real money on this game and I wouldn't do that unless I really loved it, you do have to spend a little money if you want to get to more levels quicker, but it's not that much to buy gems and coins it just depends on how fast you want to level up, the levels keep you challenged, it's just a really fun game to play and I would definitely recommend this game to anybody who likes to play the cooking games, and there's hardly ever an advertisement ever! that's another reason why I like it so much, this game rocks!!! Keep up the good work game developers, and I hope you finish your under construction part of this great game Well done!!

You guys were doing great until you took away the daily challenges. What's with that?! I played everyday, even wasted some money to better my experience, but it's way less fun without something to work towards. DAH-LETE Recommend

I love the game but it continues to glitch and freeze up whether I'm playing on my tablet or computer pls fix or I'll have to uninstall this game Great job

I really love the concept of this game it is Interesting and enjoyable make more games like this then everyone will enjoy it Love it Well done!!

It is the best game in the world I love this very much it is very simple challenging and interesting game I love this game very very very much I think it's the best game in not only world in the universe Omg

I totally loved the game, till I spent all weekend hustling for gems then unlocked three streets and upgraded my sandwich street kitchen , next thing next morning work up and the sandwich street's kitchen upgrades were back to nonsense slow. I mean if it resets why didn't it give my coins and gems back??? Today got bonus gems whoop whoop!!!! So loving game again. Worth a go!

Would have gave a 5 star review but after the app updated it sent me all the way back to the first level. Pissed OFF! Marvelous

Was very fun but new update causing frequent crashes. Takes forever to load and cant enter any food trucks bc the app keeps crashing.... Fantastic

Hey I'm on the third stage and last night I paid to upgrade the equipment and logged back in this morning and it's gone back to what it was before. I paid 4.99 so I want my money back because I used my coins and nothing has changed. Amazing!

The levels are awesome is so much fun and plus you get to upgrade things for not that much and I mean you already have a 5:10 when you start the game you have like $20 before you even like like kit give the customer service food and and it's like so good such a good game you keep on putting out more games more games from your company keep on putting more games out from your company Highly Recommend.

No loading problems and runs good. It does require Internet to play, which loses stars in my opinion. Recommend

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