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I think you can learn a little bit about how to run a business with this game It's also very addicting and fun! Superb!

Would give all 5stars but it freezes alot but other than that it's a great game please fix the freezing problem ASAP Brilliant

Your Cruze Royale never works & we don't get diamonds which are more important Pretty good

It is a very energetic, interesting, supercool game.but sometime it take long time to load but, it's amazing we can wait to play an superb game Works great

Love it! If you like cooking fever you'll LOVE this. Only difference is you don't have to spend money on this game to win Worth a go!

I've been a fan of the game for a while, I even had it before the upgrades. I was supposed to be notified of the upgrade. But I wasn't . So now I have to start all over again. That's the only disappointing thing! Recommend

Love the game, only gave 3 stars because it takes way to many gems to upgrade and unlock the next levels. And it gets to be impossible to get even one star if you don't upgrade your truck items and food. Worth a go!

The game is great play, but I've done several of items do receive the free gems and never got them. Awesome

You don't need to spend money on this game... use your intelligence. I'm nearly finished.. Fantastic

Would be better if there were easier to earn gems. Even the videos for one would be nice. Enjoy it!

This game is so much fun. I have a hard time keeping up with my household duties. All I want to do is play this game. I recommend everyone to download it and play. VERY ADDICTING. Brilliant

So far i like it because it teaches you as you play along. So its like you basically go in for training before you actually start the hard work. Fantastic

i used to love the game, but it's boderline impossible to keep going and buying diamonds and the game requires LOTS of diamonds love it

It's a great improvement from the games prior but you should tap the sauce instead of moving it over the macaroni Marvelous

Its EXTREMELY difficult to get gems. Even spinning, you never get. And it's impossible to play the game without using them. You can't move forward either without them. Thinking about deleting, since you are stuck unless spend money Go well

I love this game its different from other ones u mean you can costomize your truck and everything its so fun and addictive. Muito bom!

It's ok. When i open it, it cuts off all the time. Bottom line they want you to buy gems to advance. Highly Recommend.

I like it. Wish you could just tap the items rather than dragging it to each customer or dragging to each kitchen task Awesome

I just started, but so far I'm truly enjoying this game. I hope this fun continues as I play more and more levels. Well done!!

Please help me, i am still waiting for my free gems after i completed an offer. I have lodged a complaint 24/01 and i am still waiting for them to resolve. Marvelous

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