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Like this game not bad not at all only little problem was on level 10 than when is but it off I ha e start all okkver but itsok I start new hope don't happ3n again Fantastic

Right now there is an issue with it loading not liking that especially when I gave spent money on this game....its not loading I don't wanna loose my money Awesome

It is cooking fever just rebrand into this the similarity are you get four diamonds when you level up you upgrade the speaker's and the espresso machine first love it

I like it but it takes forever to open.. being waiting 20 minutes now. I'm ready to install Ugh Muito bom!

It is awesome really cool I just played some level but I love it easy to play and good graphics way to go guys nice game Brilliant

Fun game and I don't have to pay for anything as far as I'm aware. In other words I really like the game Highly Recommend.

Would give five but took literally a week to download after saying no storage left when I deleted all my games just for this game but good apart from that Amazing!

Hey i have a question. In the free section to buy jewels. I can't access the one that says 150 jewels after logging in? Can someone help me with that please? Cool

Quickly addicting, I love cooking and food and wish 4 my own food truck one day real life. It's awesome Pretty good

Enjoying the game so far hope it doesn't get to the point where you need to spend money to keep playing Go well

My perspective on this game is a big thumbs up, high graphics and quality, and it keeps me I retested for hours, reccommeneded. Flawless

It's an interesting game but if we have to upgrade something its too costly if we want to we can't Recommend

I would die for the game but I like it maybe people would like it more if it more upgraded Enjoy it!

It's not bad.. "But Hey! Don't forget to check out you tube and look at ITSFUNNEH channel!!" wow lol

This game is pretty good I like it so much I have been playing it for a long time and I love it Perfect!

I like doing everything so fast and also like cooking. This game has that 2 things .I loved this game Worth a go!

I opened the BBQ. After I get into level 1 its all black. Please fix! I really like this game 5 star

I love games like this I just hope that his one isn't full pay to stay and play..... Fabulous!

I like the game but why is it not no help button on like help the people thats tryn to learn about the game Must have

Addictive game, had underestimated the gameplay (prefer action games). I am happily surprised. Good

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